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All the advices to work and travel around the world

Many professionals have a recurring dream: to work travelling. By now, not only young people want to travel to discover the world: in the last years – complicit the new climate in the labor market, more and more precarious and unstable – many are changing their way of working. Since a permanent job seems to be a mirage, the job stability is no longer the main objective to achieve: so, workers’ ambitions in 2018 are very different from those of workers who joined firms in the 80s and, as a result, personal satisfaction is no more estimated only in a permanent job, a mortgage and a racing car in the garage.

Work for travelling or working while travelling?

If before, a trip was a gift that a professional did to himself, a reward for his work, now it is the symbol of a life lived to the full. Of course, it is not easy: it requires first of all great discipline and the ability to distinguish the illusion of a quiet afternoon spent between computers and golden sandy beaches and the reality of a job done with commitment and professionalism; deadlines are valid for everyone, in Milan as in Puglia or in Thailand.

Working and travelling around the world? Choose a digital career

There are professions which immediately evoke the possibility to travel: they are the jobs that, by their very nature, have tasks which include transfers, and that everyone knows:

  • Photographers
  • Reporters
  • Tour guides
  • Chefs and waiters
  • Flight crew

What is new in these last years, however, is the possibilities offered by the web: digital professions are the center of this shift in perspective. Everything is possible with a computer and a powerful internet connection: you work following your passions, often as a copywriter, SEO specialist or social media specialist, but also as an APP or website developer.

But, as said, one should be prepared to a drastic change in life; the pros and the cons are not the same of the European lifestyle we are used to. The stories of those who made it, e.g. Gianluca Gotto with his blog Mangia Vivi Viaggia, or the interviews on newspapers – between all, this piece on “La Stampa” – tell us about a different way of life: the digital wanderer does not search for earnings, he does not accumulate properties, but he search for freedom of time management, he wants a life characterized by discovery, to experience new locations but also himself, whether it means leaving for the South – East Asia or simply travelling in Italy.

In order to find out if this lifestyle is suitable for you, you could try different coworking spaces, working as a freelance for clients located in different places, even just in far areas of your Region: in this way you will get a taste of the meaning of changing your working and non – working horizon repeatedly, before embarking on this adventure.

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