Working from home brings several advantages but it can compromise the productivity. Here you are some tips about the organization of your work from remote, keeping the production on top.

People, when they can,  should really think about working from remote: it’s an amazing opportunity to improve the quality of your life, avoiding traffic, narrow environments and not very nice colleagues. But you must consider carefully your new work place and, if you would like working from remote, it is necessary not to let the feel of freedom take over. Let’s admit it, working at home is particularly comfy and make us think about a healthy change (and it surely is) but, when you don’t organize yourself properly, you can fall behind and get trapped between the domestic walls, which is even worse than being at the office.

For a lot of people working from home means keeping their pyjamas all the day long and this is the first big mistake because taking a nap between a practice and another is a strong temptation , and the bed and couch are as attractive as the singing voices of some Homeric mermaids. Another fatal trap for the productivity is the kitchen: it’s good to have healthier meals than all the sandwiches eaten at your desk, but cooking all the Masterchef recipes seen on TV can make you spend all the day cooking and not working. Furthermore, taking a walk sometimes is a very good habit because after long hours spent seated at the desk or, even worse, on the couch with the laptop on your stomach can make you lazy and lose track of time.

In order to work from home and in a productive way it is necessary to get dressed like you were going out; equip a desk as your only workstation, forgetting about couches and beds; move, to regenerate your body and mind; organize yourself, writing a list of deadlines and tasks or appointments. And if all these precautions result difficult to be taken in consideration, it’s good to leave the idea of staying at home and consider a full optional workstation in one of our A&B Business Centers, which represents a compromise between a narrow working space and the domestic environment. A&B, with 400 offices situated in the strategic areas of Milan, allows to have all the comforts and calmness you need in a professional and stimulating environment: in other words, you feel at home but at the same time you’re not easily distracted like you were there. Don’t you think it is a tempting solution as well?