spazio-co-working-ab-servicesThere was a time in which self-employed workers, consultants and freelance professionals worked locked in their offices, in their home, or, fought for a table in the bar of the neighborhood that offered a wi – fi connection. Today, more and more professionals and start – ups choose the coworking to benefit from the its undoubted benefits.

Among these, the most important are:

1. Networking and clients
Coworking is extremely useful for those seeking new business relationships;moreover, it is the ideal place to get in contact with creative people and maybe meet someone who has the answer you were looking for.

2. Meeting and conference rooms
Working at home makes it difficult to find the right place to meet clients. In the coworking there are meeting and conference rooms suitable to host even many people.

3. Reduced costs and maximum flexibility
Coworking contracts do not implicate long-term constraints and allow you to take advantage of all the services at reduced costs and without any capital investment. Inside the structure there are high speed Internet connection, copier, a break area with vending machines and microwave. You would not worry about consumption or take over the maintenance or cleaning of the office. All this with a considerable saving of time and money.

4. Guilt – free zone
Many freelance work at the local bar with a free Wi – Fi … After having a cup of coffee and sitting at the favorite table, there is the risk to get lost in their work while the bartender starts to look bad for the rest of the time. In the coworking there is no need to feel guilty. Simply connect your laptop and concentrate in your work.

5. Productivity
Wear work uniform rather than pajamas can make a big difference in productivity. Coworking guarantees to work in a free of distractions environment, where develop a more efficient working program. Coworking can certainly be define as an alternative working style, up with the times, able to offer spaces, services, expertise and contacts, on the basis of a logic, born from the web and from its recent logic of open source, which uses a typically human characteristic: sharing ( of experiences and expertise), connected to the professionalism and competence of those who are used to manage office spaces.

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