Clients coming from outside Milan or just from other areas of the city very often ask us where they can eat near our business center in Via Dogana. Giving them this information is part of our philosophy, we want people who work in the A&B’s offices always feel at ease. And then, like everyone else, we love giving advice, sharing “our places” with those who are a bit lost and smiling, as we know how precious our recommendation is.
So, here is a list of the inalienable places in the Duomo area. Let us know in the comments if you have any other “must”!

For a dine and dash lunch:

  1. Spontini: right in Via Dogana 3, it is a famous pizza chain. It is halfway between the usual pizza restaurant and the fast food, with the certainty of standard quality. You can sit down in large rooms and sometimes also in the dehors, enjoying a tasty slice of pizza.
  2. Bar Mercurio: very close to the city center, it is both a bar and a tobacconist, very useful to buy tickets for public transport. There is a high-quality service: café, bistro, wine bar, cocktails with daily proposals and menus.
  3. Pasticceria Marchesi: located in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Marchesi 1824 is one of the most ancient and renowned patisserie of Milan. It is synonymous with excellence for the offer of pastries and chocolate, and for the Panettone – making, the typical Milanese sweet.
  4. McDonald’s: don’t worry, there is also in the city center. It is located in Passaggio Duomo and it is the safe haven for its loyal customers; you can suggest a stop here to foreigners who do not want to try Italian food (if there are some!).
  5. California Bakery: in Via Larga, just behind the Dome, California Bakery is a little American oasis with an Italian core. Food is fresh and prepared every day by hand: here you can taste the famous red velvet, brownies and salty bagels.

For when you have time:

  1. Ristorante Da Giacomo Arengario: in Via Guglielmo, this restaurant offers traditional dishes for lunch and dinner, but also faster dishes, more appropriate for a light lunch after a visit of the museum or a little shopping. The fresh fish is the speciality of the restaurant while the Novecento menu is a mixture of traditional Milanese dishes slightly revolutionized.
  2. Sushi Yokohama Fusion Experience: you are not a real Milanese if you do not eat sushi. A few steps from the Dome there is this characteristic Japanese restaurant: the location is very refined and it is perfect to share a new culinary experience with your guests.

We hope we have shown you that even in the center of Milan you can eat without spending a fortune; and in the end, isn’t gorgeous to have a snack under the majestic Dome?

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