ufficio virtuale

Nowadays nearly 50% of the employees works in faraway places  other than their habitual headquarter for most of the week.
Many businessmen were led to reorganize their way of working due to causes like the economic crisis, globalization and the growing competitiveness typical of different job sectors. They therefore spend great part of their working life travelling all around the world looking for new opportunities and cost-effective business relations.

All things considered there’s no more need of a traditional office. On the other hand what really matters is the search of flexible solutions able to meet the specific requirements of each worker.
To make an example, virtual office is probably the least known trend on a domestic scale even though it’s recently catching on in Italy as a result of the role played by European and non-European countries.
The virtual office service provides a business address for the company (Business Centers are usually located in key areas) to be also used for incoming mails, a dedicated telephone line where the incoming calls are efficiently and professionally screened by the Business Center’s secretary, who then forwards every messages to the related recipient.
Not only that, but through a virtual office service it’s possible to use meeting and conference rooms as well as completely furnished and ready-to-go offices to deal with business matters in a proper and professional location.
The virtual office solution is the best option also for newbies and people who want to start up their business without paying out a large sum of money for consumptions, management fees, furniture, personnel costs and so on. In this way it’s possible to save up money entirely for the business, making it a reliable and competitive institution to turn to.
Right to best meet the growing market demands A&B has built up its wide range of services offering numberless tailor-made solutions. Starting from the basic and cheapest package to the one offering added services like the use of meeting rooms and the business plate exposure.

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