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telepresenceThe Virtual Office is, still now, a niche reality, not too well known among the professionals of every field, despite its undoubted economic benefits. It is the simplest answer for everyone who want to give their business a stable and professional reference point, while continuing to work at home or away from the nerve centers of business.

So, how can you take advantage of the potentiality offered by the Virtual Office and make sure your activity can benefit fully of it?

A prestigious address and a phone number
The strategic position of a Business Center is a great business card for the domicile of business, but to further strengthen its “physical” presence the postal address is not enough. Activating a telephone line, with secretaries who answer the phone, take note of the messages and then send them by mail, will help to convince customers and suppliers that your business is based here.

Communication and information
Erroneously, people think that, signing a contract of Virtual Office, the relationship with the Business Center is exclusively limited to the payment of the service. Nothing could be further from the truth! The front office staff will become part of your company and for this reason it needs to know activities and people who are part of it, in order to give detailed information and strengthen your reliability. Remember that the image of your company starts from “Good morning, can I help you?”.

Maintaining daily contacts with the Business Center
Although the staff of the Business Center provides to inform you of mails and incoming calls daily, it would be useful to pick the stored mails up frequently or, if unable, request its shipping, in order to have always the situation under control. The same thing for incoming calls: each one could represent a turning point for your business.

The importance of technology
Today we have a number of technological tools that facilitate our work. So, the Business Centers offer Internet connection to manage the communication between the center and the customer more quickly, for example using emails that can be read anywhere, even on a Smartphone. Or even scanning systems to send paper documents in electronic format; intelligent switchboards that transfer calls to pre – set numbers, or manual transfers through operators that handles incoming calls with competence.

So … devote yourself to plan strategies to grow your business and attract potential customers: your Business Center will take care of everything else!

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