Torri MilanoMilan stands all over the world for progress and real estate and especially in the latest years the building of new skyscrapers helped to reshape the outline of the city.

The urban renewal of areas like Garibaldi, Isola and Varesine as part of a project named PORTA NUOVA is the most challenging plan together with the building of what is nowadays considered as one of Milan  numberless symbols, namely UNICREDIT TOWER.
Opened for the first time on February 11th 2014 the Tower has been designed by starchitect César Pelli and at 230 metres it’s one of the tallest skyscrapers in Italy. It’s almost entirely made up of window panes for a total of 31 floors even though the building’s distinctive feature is the spire, which wears thin upwards and is lit up on special circumstances and celebrations creating light play and colourful scenic designs thanks to a LED lighting system.
The Tower rises up in the Milan business district, just few steps away from Porta Garibaldi train station and from Corso Como. It’s part of a three in a semicircle arranged building complex in Piazza Gae Aulenti, nowadays considered an attraction and meeting point for locals and tourists thanks to several open-air shops and restaurants where to have lunch in summer and to an ice-skating rink to be used in winter.

The history of Milan’s skyscrapers dates back to several years ago, right in 1954 when the Breda Tower  was built, the same building that today hosts our Business Center of Piazza della Repubblica, 32.By the time it was built it was the tallest building in Milan. At 116 metres it was even higher than La Madonnina the statue atop the Duomo, breaking in this way the rule set by the Fascist regime.
The Breda Tower was designed by starchitect Luigi Mattioni and it soon became a symbol for those living in Milan as well as the sign of the economic recovery and urbanization after the Second World War.It is a 31-storey skyscraper where the 11 floors of the lower body are exclusively devoted to offices, while the rest of the building houses residential apartments. A&B takes up the 6th floor with its own executive and elegantly furnished offices. First in 2009 and then in 2016 requalification and refurbishment works were carried out to bring back the original majesty of the Tower itself and making it one of the innovative skyscraper in Milan.To make a comparison between the two:

Opening date:

Breda Tower : 1954 (last renovation in 2009)
Unicredit Tower: 2014

Breda Tower : Luigi Mattioni
Unicredit Tower: Cesar Pelli

Breda Tower : 116 mt (31 floors)
Unicredit Tower: 230 mt (31 floors)


Breda Tower : Milan Central Station
Unicredit Tower: Porta Garibaldi Station