When you have too many things to do, you often waste time and try to recover it. Writing a list of things to do could be the right solution to keep always in mind your goals.

The THINGS TO DO LIST allows to give a concrete form to the thousand thoughts about the activities we are supposed to achieve during the day. It is the easiest and most effective way to improve the productivity, getting your mind free from too many things to remember, avoiding to forget some of them, and in addition giving you more energy at work.  This happens because when you complete something, you feel satisfied and able to take charge of the rest of the activities. The TO DO LIST has  played an important role for ages and now there are a lot of Apps available on the Internet to plan it the best way possible. These Apps send automatic emails and alarms to remind us the several activities, to help us make a plan about projects and finally to classify priorities and urgencies. On the other hand, there are still a lot of people preferring the old way to write a list by pen on a piece of paper, with the help of professional agendas still considered immediate in order to take a note about anything with no need of electricity or connectivity. Unfortunately the TO DO LIST is not always able to give the right motivational support, especially if you’re living a particularly stressed period of your life, because if there are a lot of tasks and you feel the time flowing too fast, you feel discouraged.

If you’re trying to avoid this unpleasant effect without losing the motivational charge, writing a THINGS DONE list, or ANTI TO DO list, could be an optimal solution for those who want to keep in mind the already achieved activities. This list is about the tasks which have been already concluded, and it has the power to increase the productivity and motivation because it allows to  feel the satisfaction coming from having completed your missions without feeling worried about what you still have to do.

In order to make the THINGS DONE list really effective, you should plan an important and special activity everyday and try to complete it, so that it is worth to be written down on your list and remembered when you make a final estimation of your little victories.

Anyway, whether you help yourself with a TO DO or THINGS DONE list, what is really important is the way you manage your time. By choosing an office in our A&B Business Centers, you will be able to facilitate your working day and get at your disposal our precious secretarial support for customers welcoming, assistance for correspondence, couriers and incoming calls during a meeting or when you’re out of the office and a lot more! Come to discover our smart, efficient and high quality service! We are just waiting for you!