During the day we always have just a little time left due to work, various things to do and unexpected events.

But a few rules are enough to learn how to properly manage our time, making your life better.


In order to start your day in an efficient way you should wake up early and never postpone your activities. Planning your work and respect the priorities is important for an optimal management of your time: you should aim directly to your goal.

Making a list of all the things you have to do allows to gain some precious time.

Gathering similar activities together helps take advantage from the synergies, without jumping from one thing to another, starting from the beginning all the time.

What really counts is doing, not overdoing, and keeping your concentration high. How? Focusing one thing at a time and proceeding by importance order.


Distractions are always around the corner, both at home and the office: people talking, telephones ringing and social networks “tempting” from any screen. Avoiding distractions and waste of time allows you to fully dedicate to your activities with no job left in the evening.

Even using the downtime is important: reading or listening to some music while waiting for a bus, for example, is a perfect occasion to cultivate your hobbies.

Avoiding waste of time also means not being obsessed with details and keep going forward even if things are not as perfect as you would like to, coping with deadlines and equally distributing your breaks without losing your timing.


Sustaining too many responsibilities never pays back if you’re alone, so it’s better to divide activities with your colleagues. Preferring quality to quantity requires concentrating one thing at a time to avoid stress and mistakes caused by hurry. You also need to say No, focusing on the things you’re certain to finish.

Sleeping regularly for 8 hours, balancing your diet and doing some sport makes your life better, unless you spend the weekend working from your laptop. A healthy life makes you more productive and full of energy.

In addition, thinking positive, showing yourself curious and dynamic and having some fun at the office are all but details: they’re a Must for those who want to take fully advantage from their time and be a cut above!