In times of crisis for the job market, we have good news: in our country, and abroad, Italian managers easily win compared with foreign colleagues.

Despite the fact that our Economy Universities are regarded as less prestigious than other blazoned schools (such as MIT, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Oxford etc), those attending Italian Management Schools are appreciated and requested in Italy and abroad. Results of a survey conducted by Chaberton Partners speak for themselves. It is natural to ask ourselves what, after a good theoric preparation, is determining in the success of Italian managers. Apparently, what makes a difference compared with foreign professional figures is a mix between the right work approach, creativity and the art of making it work in any given situation, in other words: problem solving.

A Human Resources Director who built his bones in Italy is a person who had to learn the complicated regulation concerning the job subject, the theory and practice of the trade unions regulation, the enigmatic contributive and social security discipline and more, like the several bureaucratic and administrative processes. Given these premises, we can see that a strong manager is born, a person who is flexible, prepared and very capable in the art of negotiating.

Even in the Sales and Marketing field Italians seem to make a difference. In this particular case, what is peculiar is the creativity of our conational managers compared with the more precise Northern Europe colleagues, or the less organized French professionals. According to the statistics put together by Chaberton Partners, we can see that Italian Sales and Marketing Directors, especially those who completed their internships in worldwide companies in Italy and abroad, can invent more efficient and pragmatic solutions.

The third professional figure showing Italians still excelling theirselves is the Business Unit Responsible. In this field the art of problem solving is what make Italians distinguish theirselves, with a great trade ability, mental flexibility, work resiliency and adaptability in any context. According to Chaberton Partners, Italian Managers are also appreciated for their team work approach and their ability to create advantageous relationships.

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