Can a simple thing, like the coffee machine, make work more profitable and encourage relationships between colleagues? Sure. An investigation of the University of Copenhagen confirms it.

Any working location has its own coffee machine. Not only because professionals often have no time to go to the bar, but above all because the coffee break creates a jolly moment able to convert even long and tiring working sessions into tolerable ones. Nowadays, the concept of professional is no longer that of a person closed within the four oppressive walls of his office; but it has expanded (and humanized) in the figure of a freelance who works remotely, alone or into a coworking space with other colleagues or professionals, whose presence is useful to develop a common idea. But the importance of sharing a cup of coffee has not changed. Anyone with a little experience in business world can assure that negotiations come easily to an agreement in informal contexts than when you are sitting at your desk or around a table in the meeting room.

The reason lies in the sense of relaxation and looseness that one feels while consuming a meal or simply drinking a coffee together; something that doesn’t happen in the rigorous and strict atmosphere of an office. A meticulous investigation conducted by some researchers of University of Copenhagen, led by Dr. Pernille Stroebaek, has confirmed it. Researchers have observed behaviors before, during and after the coffee break in different working spaces (companies, private studies, public offices and coworking spaces) and it has come to light that the stress accumulated until the coffee break  just disappears, like magic, when people find themselves with colleagues and supervisors and share a hot drink at the coffee machine. During the break they relax themselves, form small groups and establish dialogues which include private confidences, outbursts and sharing of working problems.

In this way, in addition to relaxing, people get to know each other a bit better and interpersonal relations, that are the basis of good team work, are forged. That’s why a simple device like the coffee maker plays such an important role.

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