In the Internet Universe there is only a one way ticket imposing to revolutionize everything, even your working method. That’s why you must learn how to network.

When Seniors of a professional company invite the young associates to find particular kinds of “environments” to create a net of contacts for their business, they are suggesting to create networks. Now more than ever, the exchange of acquaintances, ideas and experiences is fundamental in order to make a positive career change and grow up on a professional and personal point of view. The net of contacts must be created with patience and foresight, proposing yourself in the right way and stimulating interest in the others, trying to understand the people we are interfacing with. In order to work properly, networking requires method, resolution and attention: it is a demanding process, but very profitable. Despite of what usually happened before the “Informatics revolution”, it is now possible to create these networks in environments created to facilitate the encounter with customers (even potential ones), colleagues, suppliers and other working partners. The newly born Business Centers were invented to facilitate new synergies, to reinvent the working spaces and generate new business opportunities. That’s the reason why, apart from the traditional meeting rooms, these multifunctional hubs are composed of spaces which result very profitable for your relationships because they make people feel at ease and free to dialogue even when they are totally relaxed and seated on a comfy chair.

These new environments are built like they were some ecosystems, where spaces for an informal conversation are kept separated from reserved meeting rooms and individual workstations. The project of these hubs takes in consideration the pleasure that they should transmit to the people choosing the Business Center as their working place, the freedom to move in order to relate to other persons and the reuse. The 3.0 Business Center do not provide the typical seriousness of the traditional offices, but they offer instead a great versatility according to the different working realities, with matching workstations, 1 or more workstations offices, open spaces, corner and desk for customers welcoming, spaces for coworking and meeting rooms, executive offices, events and conference areas. Leaving behind the usual representative office, with a hierarchical imprint and a “hive” structure allows to adapt the environment to people instead of the contrary. Collaborative culture and sharing are the basic principles of the Business Centers such as A&B, giving at your disposal, even just for an hour, full-optional workstations, promoting even the working dynamism and humanization. If you’re in the middle of this revolution as well… why don’t you give a try?