Managing optimally your work is fundamental in order to save time and increase your productivity. Here you are the best softwares and apps to efficiently manage the practices, appointments and professional tasks.

If you have been using post-its for ages as well, framing the monitor of your pc, you will appreciate even more the digital version of them. Pnotes is infact a totally free app that allows to create and personalize post-its for your desktop. The app can be easily used from a laptop with no need to be installed. If a post-it is not enough because of the length and attachments of your notes, then Evernote is the right software for you. It is a proper digital notebook efficiently arranged and organized in a precise page order: it can be used as a software or as an app for portable devices or also as an extension of the browser that allows to attach not only your personal notes but also the screenshots of your desktop. It allows to create reminders, lists or record conversations, and you can share all the data with your colleagues on any device, anytime.

Each of us, at least once, made use of a conceptual map in order to have a clear and general view about a concept or subject. Now these frameworks are available on the computer as well thanks to Cmap Tools, a free software very easy to use and very powerful as well, since it represents a summary in the learning process. The dear old Microsoft Outlook reveals itself as a very good program for a complete organization of your work, allowing not only to perfectly manage the mail but also to synchronize the very useful functions like the calendar for the appointments and the contacts. Using Outlook with Exchange Server allows to create some work groups and to share conversations, contacts, appointments and files, becoming a very good instrument for the collaboration between colleagues.

To make the report of your expense easier, you can use Shoeboxed. Thanks to this app, you only have to take a picture to receipts and invoices to take a note about what you spent and keep a clear summary, and thanks to the further link with Google maps any place you visit will be registered as well. At the end of your travel, the only thing you have to do is sending the complete file to the office and the deed is done.

EssentialPIM is a program part of the category “Personal Information Manager”, similar to outlook concerning the e-mail, contacts and appointments, but as a plus it creates very detailed lists of all the planned activities, it prints calendars and job programs, and it can import or export data from other softwares.

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