Sometimes the solution of problems is at hand, but in order to reach the solution you might have to think “outside of the box” and make your creativity work. Here you are 3 methods and a piece of advice.

Problem Solving is considered a noble skill, gained through exercise, good will and some courage. Finding solutions to problems means being ready to assume different points of view, without stopping at plan A, but going further instead at plan B,C and so on. You could say by now that everything sounds easy but when you find yourself in a particular situation it’s completely different. That’s true, and this is the reason why we are going to tell you 3 methods to put into practice the basic principles of Problem Solving.

  • Gestalt method: going further the “Functional Fixity” reorganizing the elements of the problems. The habit to see things in a one-directional way: a pen is supposed to write only and scissors are meant to cut. Problem Solving will make you understand that scissors can be useful to draw perfect geometric shapes (just following the inner sides of the rings where you put your thumb and other fingers), while a pen can be used to rewind cassette tapes. A reorganization of what can be useful to solve the problem is the key for the solution. What is important is following the “insight”, which is our ability to elaborate sudden intuition.
  • Behaviorist method: attempts and mistakes. Problem Solving categorically excludes immobilism: when there’s a problem and you don’t have a solution in your mind you must try, even if that means making a mistake. It is something similar to the piece of advice given to the student before an exam: never stop talking. This is about your courage and risk to be well pondered and you being ready to make a mistake and analyzing the reasons of your mistakes.
  • Waltslawick method: get worse, imagine and grow. This method is based on 3 steps: analyzing how a situation can get worse, in order to avoid decisions leading to failure; looking beyond the problem, imagining the right conditions to solve it and trying to create them; behave like a climber, moving forward step by step after deciding where to put your feet.


And now, our tip: to solve problems you must never let negative emotions like anger, anxiety or fear overcoming you. You need concentration and a calm environment to work properly: choose your perfect workstation in our A&B Business Centers, where you can meet other professional people and exchange opinions and different points of view, so that you will solve your problems easily and with the right dose of serenity and lucidity.