Most people passively accepts their working life.

How can we achieve success by taking advantages from our real potential?

Is there an algorithm to scientifically achieve success? The answer is Yes, there is.




Focusing on what’s really important is the first step to fully take advantage from our potential. Limiting and defining the goals we are willing to achieve by making them clearer and more reachable is the easiest way to cope with deadlines: never aim for unrealistic goals!

Openness to listening and learning new things is another important rule: we shouldn’t limit ourselves to our comfort zone but welcome change instead.

Reading, getting informed and experiencing make us more creative and predispose us to success.




Another important feature of the algorithm of success is sharing the experiences: in order to give value to your professionalism you should be a good team worker. Sharing your skills helps improving the working environment and makes our day even better and far more satisfying.

People with innate social skills achieve more success both in working and personal life, because they positively interact with people and work in team. We should never give the impression of “using” the others but, on the contrary, it’s fundamental to gain trust with a professional and honest attitude allowing to create a collaborative relationship with other people.




 Determination and passion. These are the key words of the algorithm of success. Keeping clear what success really means to us makes us closer to a more definite vision of our goal and makes it easier to achieve it.

For this reason it’s important to be coherent with our own choices and brave enough to say NO.

You shouldn’t let the feeling of guilt get the better of it by accepting requests keeping us far from our goals: if you show full availability on any proposal, you will fall victim of this trap without having anymore space for your own projects.

Learning to say it, it’s useful to get free of responsibilities which are potentially unsustainable.

Passion creates new opportunities and opens the doors of success: when you are passionate about what you are doing, you are closer to your real potential, allowing yourself to advance one step ahead in your working career and personal life.