The secret of success is all about being self – confident, but sometimes it’s good to have a good luck charm with us in order to feel some additional support: an object, small or large, helping us to keep the right energy to deal with all the challenges.

Everyone has some superstitious rite, for example wearing a particular piece of jewellery for some important occasion, maybe given as a present by a person we particularly love, or a little red horn-shaped pendant, much more Neapoletan, or just a little teddy bear.

In Italy, in accordance with the popular saying “It isn’t true but I believe”, almost everyone has a propitiatory rite and if in Lombardy the 48% of the scaramantic people uses the four-leaf clover, in Sardinia, Calabria and Sicily the horseshoe takes over for more than 50% of the population.

What about the red horn-shaped pendant? If in Basilicata and Campania it is the favourite one, in Lombardy, Abruzzi, Sardinia, Calabria and Sicily comes second. Are you in search of the Lady Luck and willing to know some further propitiatory rite? In Verona, touching the right breast of the statue of Juliet may bring you luck in love; in Rome throwing a little coin in the Fountain of Trevi makes it certain that you will go back to the Eternal City; in Milan the legend says that putting your right heel on the attributes of the bull represented in the mosaic at the center of the Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery and rotating in a 360 degrees movement may bring you luck.

If you think that being scaramantic is just for stupid ones, you’re wrong. Even successful entrepreneurs such as Luca Cordero di Montezemolo and Sergio Marchionne are scaramantic. Here you are just a short list of talismans of people, men and women, who made it. Talking about Montezemolo, his good luck charm is a bracelet he never separates from. Another talisman which became famous all over the world is Elkett, a stuffed moose loved by Jean-Pierre Mastier, CEO at Unicredit. This little animal is so important that it covered the role of mascotte even during the process of the capital increase of Unicredit, ended positively. This prestigious role allowed Elkett to travel all over the world, meeting the ex French President Hollande and Romano Prodi, and it also reached the top of the Himalaya. All the other ritual pictures are shared on the Instagram Profile of Elkett.

For sure one of the most influential men in Italy and in the whole world as well is Sergio Marchionne, CEO at FCA. In this case the scaramantic rite consists in wearing a dark blue sweater. Also it is very curious the rite of Alessandra Perrazzelli, Country Manager of Barclays for the Italian Territory. Clearly passionated about travelling, she buys a pendant in every country she visites, and than she applies the pendant to a bracelet together with the others.

And you? What about that good luck charm that always brings you good luck?