If you ask a successful employer how much time he spends working, he will tell you “I never work, I have fun”.

It sounds like a non-sense, but working in a good mood often improves the quality of the product or the service offered by a professional. The quality of the work of a professional person doesn’t concern only the seriousness put into the activity, but also the commitment shown into it. Laugh and happiness increase energies, make the immune system stronger and protect from the harmful effect caused by too much stress. Working in an environment where even in the busiest moments we are surrounded by serenity and the right amount of “fun” has a positive effect over the productivity and the relationships between coworkers. Everything seems easier in an environment where even in the busiest moments a single person can relieve stress with a joke and improve the team working at the same time.

It happens that during a contractual procedure the tension among the parts is so high that it makes the conclusion or progress of the project harder. In order to deal with it there is nothing better than a laugh – provoking joke giving the opportunity of relaxing and getting your energies and mind free. This “communication and interaction” technique is used among several and important companies and successful people. To name one, among the staff of the President of the USA there is the “speech writer”, a person who skillfully includes, at the very serious moments of a speech, a joke or a humoristic situation in order to temper the tension.

The way to create a professional, productive and enjoyable environment is easier than you might think. Laura Brounstein, the director of the special projects of the magazine “Cosmopolitan” indicates 8 rules to follow during the working day to make the place more “funny”:

  • Find a place and a moment during the day to interact with colleagues
  • Take 2 minutes to wander across the working place
  • Personalize you working environment making it more comfortable
  • Congratulate your coworkers for a well done job
  • Say Hi to your colleagues every morning with a smile
  • Show appreciation when you get the “unexpected”
  • Take or create the opportunity for a good collective laugh
  • Create a group activity with your colleagues even out of the office.

It’s so easy, just smile!