Logo Generix Group - Partner A&B Business Center


Software solutions for the collaborative management of commerce ecosystem.

Logo Iang - Partner A&B Business Center


IANG supports companies in collecting and even creating new global and local challenges, according to stated or innate needs.

Logo Leenus - Partner A&B Business Center


Leanus is a platform for analysis services and business data processing.

Logo Metha - Partner A&B Business Center


Metha is a consulting and training company which operates throughout the national territory in the Risk Management sector. It is specialized in interventions in the Quality, Environment and Safety sectors.

Logo Retarus - Partner A&B Business Center


Success digitalization, greater level of customer satisfaction, higher growth. Companies reach their goals faster when people and machines can perfectly cooperate. Reliable communication has an important role in this concept. The better the exchange of information, the more efficient the procedures. Starting from this principle, Retarus actively contributes to manage the flow of information of big companies all over the world.

Logo Ricercamy - Partner A&B Business Center


Ricercamy.com is an innovative Research and Selection of personnel, leader in the activity of Head Hunting of the best profiles in the Labor market.

Logo Luxomat - Partner A&B Business Center


B.E.G. started with the manufacture of emergency lamps in 1975. In 1986 it expanded, beginning to design and produce motion sensors for outdoor.ors.

Logo Coco-mat - Partner A&B Business Center


Today, COCO-MAT is known as leading company for natural sleep products, bed linen, hand towels, home and hotel accessories.

Logo Sachsen-Anhalt - Partner A&B Business Center


The Investment and Marketing corporation Saxony Anhalt mbH is the economic development company of the German federal state of Saxony – Anhalt. The service is confidential and free.

Logo Liveperson - Partner A&B Business Center


LivePerson is a publicly held American technology company that develops products for online messaging, marketing, and analytics.

Logo Scanmed - Partner A&B Business Center


Website under construction.

Logo Milani - Partner A&B Business Center


The Milani Inspections Center offers support and inspections for cars, trucks and motorcycle in Desio. The Center is a reference point for quality controls.

Logo Wacom - Partner A&B Business Center


Wacom is a producer of graphic tablets and graphic products based in Otone, Japan.

Logo IdSourcing - Partner A&B Business Center


ID Sourcing (founded in 1985) creates, researches, produces and provides promotional gifts and premiums for publishing groups, cosmetic companies, FMCG’s, department stores and supermarkets.

Logo Flottweg - Partner A&B Business Center


For over 60 years, we have been developing and producing extremely performing and reliable centrifugal decanters, separators, belt presses and machineries in our German factory.

Logo Integrare - Partner A&B Business Center


Integrare supplies services and solutions for IT Security and renewable energy. For IT Security, it proposes Iknoplex TM for “Fraud Management” and it offers services to improve IT Security, especially for financial companies.

Logo Ekogrid - Partner A&B Business Center


In the renewable energy market, Ekogrid offers one of the most innovative app for the control and optimization of machineries: EkogridTM. It is a platform of cloud – based services which permits to improve machinery’s performance through the use of algorithms specifically designed for the different types of installation.

Logo Aikom - Partner A&B Business Center


Every day, Aikom Technology works in the supply of professional solutions for IT, Communications and Security, helping people to connect by the most modern technologies.

Logo Avvocati del lavoro - Partner A&B Business Center


Law firm specialized in Labor Law

Logo Servizi&Servizi - Partner A&B Business Center


Analysis. Consulting. Brokerage. Management. Debt restructuring.

Logo QueenBee - Partner A&B Business Center


Queen Bee offers integrated IT solutions (apps and products) developed using innovative technologies and it realizes customized solutions for each client.

Logo Physio Control - Partner A&B Business Center


It is a company devoted to emergency medical response.

Logo Scientiamobile - Partner A&B Business Center


Development of products for Mobile Device Detection on behalf of ScientiaMobile Inc.

Logo Nuance - Partner A&B Business Center


Nuance Communication is the world’s leading vendor of document and voice solutions which increase productivity, partnership and security of thousands of companies and users.

Logo Foss - Partner A&B Business Center


Fast, reliable and dedicated analytical solutions for quality control in the whole production chain of the agri – food sector.


We are an agency specialized in the development of jeb projects, from corporate websites and instant win to big web based portals.


Innerworkings offers a complete range of services for the production of advertising materials: printed
matters, promotional gadgets, merchandising and promotional materials for shops. 15% discount for A&B


Alfa Sistemi, Oracle Platinum Partner, is a leading reality in the field of system integration and consultancy,
applied to the implementation of ICT solutions. It works throughout the national and international territory.


Hanking Electronics (Liaoning) Co., Ltd., is headquartered in Shenyang, Liaoning, China. It is a subsidiary of
the Hanking Industrial Group Co., Ltd., specializing in MEMS technology. Hanking Electronics focuses on
developing, manufacturing and marketing MEMS products and related electronics components. It is China’s
first 8″ wafer fab. It provides customers with designing and developing, fabrication processing, volume
manufacturing, MEMS foundry, outstanding customer service, and MEMS technology and application
consulting. The technical team is comprised of innovative scientists and engineers highly skilled in their
areas of expertise working towards rapid commercialization of high performance and low cost MEMS


Creative group with great experience in advertising communication projects: traditional and digital
advertising, television, radio and below the line, integrated promotional projects and web marketing.


Click to Print is the online printing portal perfect for any need: choose the product, calculate the price and
order with a click! Easy and fast. 10% discount on orders made on www.clicktoprint.it for A&B partners.
Simply use the code a&b10 in the cart when ordering.


In NEWBASE (formerly Publicitas International) we offer specialized and independent marketing and
advertising services on all media channels. We strive to achieve our clients’ objectives in a creative way,
determined by our knowledge of the sector and our approach focused on customers. We work in over 30 of
the major markets with global reach and local knowledge. 20% discount for A&B clients.


Batt Cables is one of the most important international supplier of cables and electrical accessories. We
provide data cables, equipments, low and medium voltage for telecommunications, industrial, oil&gas,
naval, off-shore environments.


We are the ideal partner for digital and offset printing services. We produce printed products for
companies and individuals, attentive to the most heterogeneous customer’s needs with personalized


In the natural health sector, we deliver our patients our products with Naturadiretta, or in drugstore with
Alpafarma. We make quality e-Commerce in Italy and beyond.


Batt Cables is one of the most important international supplier of cables and electrical accessories. We
provide data cables, equipments, low and medium voltage for telecommunications, industrial, oil&gas,
naval, off-shore environments.


Labels and labelling technology


Our Real Estate consulting provides all the instruments to increase the value of a real estate asset: help in property estimation, financial strategic planning, tenant advisory, lease advisory, inheritances, property management, investment management, financial engineering and business solutions. A consulting service which covers the complete life cycle of a building and is oriented to different kind of professionals: investors, users, developers, private or public subjects.


AMREF is the biggest non – profit health African organization and it operates on the continent since 1957. World’s health passes through Africa, the second most populated continent in the world, but the most underdeveloped in terms of health. This is the reason why AMREF promotes health projects in the most remote areas of Africa. Today, it operates in 26 countries south of the Sahara with 172 health promotion projects.


We transform the critical nature of the development of a retail network into growth opportunities. Commercial realities find a valid support to implement their activities. We are looking for the most suitable locations for the development objectives of each sign. We evaluate areas, verifying their potential, we prepare merchandising projects and plans

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