It is better to forget children’s festive waiting. For workers, feast days are a source of stress, as they have to manage concurrently with daily tasks, preparations, office parties and year-end deadlines.

Here’s how to overcome stress.


From a statistical survey, it comes to light that for 42% of employees, Christmas period is the most stressful of the whole year, while 68% of them have even admitted that their productivity goes down.

According to an article written by Dr Paul Zollinger–Read and published on The Week, the pressure of having to complete working activities by Christmas, deadlines and the financial year end represent a real source of stress for workers. But it does not have to be necessarily so: it is possible to change direction and even rediscover the true Christmas spirit.

Master Coach Marina Osnaghi declares we should live Christmas period – regardless of our religion – as if it was a passage moment and a source of new opportunities.

The first advice is to relax, remembering that stress is normal during closings or transitions, so it’s better to deal with it without overdramatize.

At this point, it is useful to set priorities and choose what is really urgent and what can be postponed. Since the period is important, it is right to accept changes and let things die if they are no more part of our personality.


To keep the situation under control it is good to define activities day by day and write them on post- its. If something fails, it’s better not to torment over it and forgive yourself, as perfection does not exist. Among undone things, you should choose what should be recovered and what should be quit.

The end of the year also corresponds with analysis and it is exactly in this moment, when everything appears amazing, that life routine comes to the surface. The only one way to avoid being overwhelmed by it is to accept it, being aware of the repetitiveness of the majority of jobs and human lives.

The eighth tip is to try to make job fun and interesting, because, according to different surveys, passive stress accumulated at the working place hurts like three cigarette packs.

Fed up with year-end parties? Even in this case it is always possible to choose what to do, but if you decide to participate, it’s better to have fun. In this period, smiling is a must.

Don’t you believe these 10 advices are enough to overcome the stress of the Christmas period at work and restart the new year with vitality?


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