Music is an essential part of our lives, and even at the work place there are people who can’t do without it, but also people who prefer the absolute silence. Whether you feel part of the first or the second category, be aware that science is on the side of music: several studies have proven that listening to music while working has positive effects on the productivity.

A study conducted by LinkedIn in collaboration with Spotify has highlighted the fact that Italy is the first European country listening to music at the work place, and the second at a global level after the USA. Listening to music in a working environment helps reducing stress, increasing the productivity and the creativity of the workers, and make people accomplish their tasks in a faster and more satisfactory way. Italian workers are the second music listeners only after the American ones, and as a matter of fact 85% of Italians admits  they like music while working, in spite of 87% of Americans. After Italy, we find Spain 83% and France 73%.

The reasons for this choice are different, most workers say that they are more productive and 56% feels more motivated and more creative. 39% of people feel relaxed and 17% says that it allows to better concentrate because thanks to the music they don’t hear their colleagues talking and other annoying noises, especially in open spaces.  Listening to music while working improves the productivity and the creativity of the employees. 39% of the employees feel relaxed when they listen to their favourite songs, especially when they spend long days in front of their desktops with earphones.

The kind of music chosen is particularly interesting. Italians prefer Coldplay and the most selected song is Viva la Vida, followed by Queen with Bohemian Rapsody, always giving a lot of energy, and finally one of the most famous songs in the world: Another brick in the wall by Pink Floyd (23%). Pop (61 %) results the favourite kind of music selected by professionials, together with Classic Music (30%) and Rock (30%). Italian singers are not as loved as foreign ones while hip pop and rap are not a good background music because they do not help concentrating.

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