According to a research by World Capital, company specialized in real estate consultancy and investment, Milan has gained the 16th place in the global ranking of the top location for offices, attracting about 50% of international investment total amount.

Companies’ interest is mainly oriented towards the CBD, where rents reach their peak in the area of Porta Garibaldi, recently acknowledged as the real centre of business in Milan, with an average € 500/sqm of space.

The most demanded cuts vary significantly, reaching 5,000 square meters in the area of Porta Garibaldi.

The city of Milan has achieved this goal thanks to the urban renewal connected to the Expo projects during the last years, and to the initiative of experienced companies and young start-ups that have created a new perspective in the research of office rental in the city.

Among the most desired areas of Milan the evergreen Duomo, San Babila, Centrale, Repubblica and Garibaldi, although this data is undoubtedly connected to a slight decentralization to peripheral areas, because companies prefer to give up central positions for more attractive prices and less crowded but still well-served areas. Growth, for the periphery, is between 7.7% and 8%.

So, Milan proves once again to be one of the most competitive cities in the world for the strong presence of office spaces, co-workings, and other services, immersed in a brand new atmosphere of expertise and professionalism that brought her into the limelight and created new points of view for its own citizens.