Are there any rules to follow to make sure you’re going to regenerate on holiday? Yes, there are and they are very simple: just think about yourself and your well-being.

In the era of Socials and non-stop connectivity, going on holiday is a task. According to a research of an English website, Travelbag, most people on holiday are more focused on the WIFI at the beach than on the beach itself. Over the holiday time, they spend more time checking the work mail on their smartphone or taking pictures to post on their socials than relaxing or dedicating to some interesting excursion or visiting some unknown place in order to get free from stress. This is all a counter-productive paradox because we never really relax this way and once we get back to work, we are more tired than before. If you recognize yourself in this profile, follow our tips and change your holiday concept.

Apart from a list of things you need to bring in your luggage, write a list of things to do before leaving. Among these, pay attention to terminate all the due practices, tell your customers about your leaving and give your colleagues proper instructions. This way, you don’t give them a reason to write or call you. You should do the same before getting back to work in order to make your return less traumatic. Make a list of the priorities to follow and put it on your desk. Leave a message to your colleagues but make clear that you wish not to be disturbed apart from urgent problems and tell them what time you’re going to be available for them. If it’s necessary dedicate only one day in a week to check your email and, if possible, keep two different phones, one for your family and friends and one for work to be used only sometimes.

Recognize the benefits of you spare time: dedicate it to your well-being and to your friends on holiday with you. Take the chance to practice your favourite sport, to read a good book or to discover new places and remember that “holiday” also means “delicious idleness”. Do not worry about changing your days full of things to do in moments of absolute inactivity that are fundamental and, most importantly, do not feel guilty or worried about your work. Let your devices rest and reduce the use of your smartphone and laptop to allow your mind to rest as well from the amount of information that it usually receives. Forget about the chats of Instant messaging and social networks. “You will become way less concerned with what other people think of you when you realize how seldom they do” is a famous sentence by David Foster Wallace, and this is also valid for your posts on the socials: people put lots of “like” moved by kindness and courtesy, not by real interest, so avoid wasting your time socializing on the virtual reality but focus on enjoying your real world.

Leave for your holidays with no worries, we are always open and we think about your office! When you get back, you will find a cool environment (24h air conditioning), a clean office (daily cleaning), all your stuff securely kept ( 24h videosurveillance, night watch and alarm), and you will find a summary of all the incoming calls taken by our secretarial staff, always operative and trustworthy enough to leave them take care about your business even when you are on holiday!

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