Created after some genial intuitions, synchronized with a future that only their creators could see, the 10 most innovative companies in the world are today a great example of Business.

Fast Company, the American Business magazine, classifies on top of the most innovative companies of 2017 some well-known groups that, after  a sceptic and uncertain beginning, were capable of influencing the whole economic world.


Amazon, the biggest e-commerce company, was successful thanks to its ability to recognize and satisfy the requests of its customers. Buying with Amazon is synonym of great products selection, excellent customer service and, most importantly, fast delivery service.


Google imposed itself thanks to its high quality web services (search engines, browser, Gmail, YouTube, Picasa, Google Maps, Google+, etc.), leading the company to a privileged position, especially in terms of massive advertising revenues. Behind the scenes of Google there is a constant attention to innovation, widening its horizons step by step.

More than an assemble of services we can consider Google as the interface to join the virtual world. The development of the Photographic Memory, highlighting the chronologic change between images with the same subject, earned it a top spot on the top 10 of the most innovative companies.


In the case of Uber, a business based on the concept of “sharing economy” that makes interaction between drivers and customers through an app, the status of innovative is due to the implementation of the “self-driving”: the future is a car with no driver.


Would Smartphones exist without Apple? Just a few remember it, but the diffusion of these devices is due to an intuition of Steve Jobs.

Ideas like “THINK DIFFERENT”, always bringing in the concept of quality and avant-garde, explain the reason why Apple customers are always loyal to the most innovative brand in the world. Creativity and approach towards hardware and software engineering have never been so ambitious.


Snap represents a winning binomial between dynamism and sharing. The new social platform has grown popular because it’s very immediate and simple to use. You can send messages, videos and images lasting 10 seconds, enough time for snap chatters and very useful to cut costs; after that, the “snap” is automatically eliminated.

But Snapchat today is even more: already put into commerce in the USA, the “Spectacles” are the new smart sunglasses provided with Wi-Fi and micro camera.


Facebook is an irresistible magnet for  1 billion people and more. This portal offers  them the right announces at the very right moment.

The next step is Facebook 360, the first app of this group entirely dedicated to the virtual reality, created for the possessors of the VR,  the new top viewer of the South Korean group Samsung.


Netflix is the future of entertainment. Leader in the field of streaming on demand, over the last years it has imposed itself for successful original productions as well. But what is Netflix innovation about? It’s about making the surfing on its website amusing and turning the needs of its public into new regular habits.


Twilio offers messaging services for B2B customers, with an innovative use of the cloud which allows the developers to personalize the telephone and SMS services according to their needs. Twilio is considered as one of the top most innovative companies because it is changing drastically the Customer Service reality, aiming to the development of software and hardware that could possibly replace human resources.


Chobani represents an unusual innovative kind of business, according to which the members of the company selling Greek yoghurt for a billionaire annual turnover are also its employees. But more surprisingly, the founder of Chobani, Hamdi Hulukaya, has never invested in advertising support, going all for the quality of its product.


Spotify, a music streaming service with over 100 million customers, has elaborated an algorithm predicting the success of artists, and it’s the inventor of a new promotional tool creating a playlist according to songs previously listened to by customers.


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