Kanban method: work organized to produce more. All the details about the time management system which has revolutionized the life of several companies and professionals.

In Japanese, “kanban” means “little poster”: a very simple object which has introduced a revolution into the management world, at a corporate and personal level. Thanks to some little coloured posters, Eng. Taiichi Ohno managed to perfectly organized the productive process and the stock supplying  of a company like Toyota, giving birth to the “Just in time” Management that now is known all over the world as Kanban Method. The way it works is easy and efficient: it doesn’t require any particular software but only a big support to insert 3 large columns and some post-its. In order to apply this method to the organization of your work, you must provide yourself with wall cartonboard, a magnetic board or any other similar support, divide the board into 3 different columns and write as a title “Things to do”, “Work in progress” and “Achieved works”. You will need then some “kanbans”, which means some coloured post-its to write the related activities. Finally dispose your post-its under the relative column and voilà, the setting of your personal Kanban is completed. The method consists in moving the kanbans according to the real execution of the single activities. It looks like a game but it is infact a very serious and infallible technique to respect deadlines and avoid confusion among the priorities.

If the Kanban method is technically very simple, its success dipends on these personal abilities:

  • Being able to give the right priorities and modifying them, if necessary, without stopping the other activities.
  • Respecting the execution time of the single activities
  • Completing a task before starting another one.
  • Keep in mind your limits and don’t  start too many things at a time, the risk is that you won’t complete none of them

The Kanban method will give you a right view of all the activities at a glance, helping you to keep everything under control in an immediate way, facilitating the respect of the 4 important rules mentioned above. And just because we are talking about the way you should organize your work, it would be useful to talk about the best place where you should spend your working day. Give  a try to the opportunity offered by A&B Business Centers, with its 7 branches in the most strategic areas of Milan, where you can find your ideal workstation and the efficiency and professionality of an office and the warmth and serenity of your home. What about starting a revolution of your working life with the Kanban method and A&B?