It’s in London that Made in Italy has just taken place: an event promoted by iStarter supporting digital excellence in the world that has seen 5 Italian Start Ups conquering the London market.

The first stage of Made in Italy took place in London on the 10th of April. The event is organized by iStarter, the Italian accelerator helping the Italian start ups to grow up all over the world, offering an important investment within the Italian ecosystem. The Italian excellence in the innovative digital, social and biotechnologic field took part in it. The location selected for this occasion was the London Parliament, Westminster, choosen in order to give a strong message of a strong relationship between Italy and the UK. Ten selected start ups were able to participate and present their projects to National and International investors in the technologic and innovative landscape to attract new capitals. Among them, 5 Italian start ups were successful.

Ideas of young Italians such as Filippo Yacob, Michele Trusolino, Jacopo Sebastio and Enrico Casati, Francesca Parravicini and Manuel Zanella deserved investors attention. These start uppers closed 2016 with important sales volume.

Filippo Yacob is the inventor of Cubetto, a wooden robot teaching the bases of Informatics to kids through games. This start up has increased its sales volume from 2000 dollars to 4,1 million dollars, the amount at the end of 2016. At the moment Cubetto is sold in 96 countries and the company is composed by 16 employees in London, and further branches in Seul and Tokyo.

Manuel Zanella is the inventor of Chat Sim, a card for tablets and smartphones allowing people to chat all over the world in 14 languages with an annual cost of just  € 12.

Michele Trusolino, together with Charles Taylor, is the inventor of Debut,  an app for universitary students created to help them enter the labour market and meet employers. Among the users of the App we can name l’Oréal, Microsoft and General Electrics. This start up has been capable of getting important loans in less than a year, closing 2016 at 1.7 million pounds.


Jacopo Sebastio and Enrico Casati are the inventors of Velasca, a brand selling man shoes artisinally made in the Italian region Marche. This start up sells almost 1000 shoes every month, closed 2016 at € 1.5 million and has generated investment for € 1 million from part of the Italian investors.

Francesca Parravicini and his father, Roberto Parravicini, are the inventors of Eucardia, an apparatus created to overcome heart failure using exclusively the contractible force left in the heart. This is the only biotechnologic start up of the event.

At the end of the event a Gala dinner took place at the English Parliament. It was a further occasion  for networking for the start ups and the employers. But it’s not over: after the great success of the English event, iStarter is already working in order to organize some other stages of the tour to represent the Made in Italy even in Pechino and New York, stay tuned!