Coworking is a concept meant to define the way we are going to work in the immediate future. Let’s discover together its numbers and advantages.

Coworking is synonym of independent sharing, allowing to work in common places, sharing the costs, but with no need to create demanding relationships. Coworking is, above all, sharing ideas, values and goals and a working style as well, since it increases the inspiration and the opportunity to make new acquaintances. Numbers help to understand the extent of its success:

  • Europe counts today more than 10.000 spaces dedicated to coworking, with London on top;
  • Over the last 10 years, the European percentage of the creation of coworking spaces has grown from 36% to 40%;
  • Only in 2016, Italy counted 285 coworking centers, and among them 190 are distributed in the North, particularly in Milan and the connected area

Coworking attracts freelancers, small entrepreneurs and employees from private companies.  According to an investigation conducted on a representative sample of Italian coworkers, we can see that 86% prefers coworking because of its time flexibility and the environment versatility, 88% considers coworking as a better way to interact with colleagues and other professional figures and finally 61% chooses coworking for its cheaper costs compared to the traditional offices. Everyone agrees on the stimulating side of coworking, since it increases the personal productivity and it makes the activities more dynamic. Furthermore, 56% of coworkers has complained about the shortage of coworking spaces in their cities, which is to be considered as a sign of its growing demand.

A research conducted by Global Coworking Survey makes the gap between coworking spaces demand and offer clearer: the request grows constantly, more than the effective availability of environments that can be turned into coworking spaces, so investors should pay attention to this side of the market before it gets saturated. If in Italy as well, a place where change is feared, people are looking towards the work sharing philosophy, abandoning the old producting-isolation concept, it means that coworking is really the future. If you would like to work in a coworking space, which means a stimulating and dynamic environment provided with high-quality services at a good price, join A&B and its 30 years of experience. We are creating a new coworking space designed for professionals, entrepreneurs and start-ups, with several services at low prices, without giving up on the opportunity to create networks and working relationships. Follow us on our facebook page and website to keep updated!