We are sons of the digital era, which started a few decades ago leading an old working method to confusion. The quality of being multitasking related to the softwares misled us to think that it was a great solution even for human beings.


Take a random Friday afternoon of a random week. You suddenly take a look at your desk and what you find is just a mess of documents all piled-up. You turn your eyes to the monitor and realize that your e-mail is keeping receiving messages. Furthermore (like it wasn’t enough) you feel like you’ve been emptied by a hard and loosing war. Did it happen to you as well? Relax, you’re just one in a hundred thousand victim of the illusion of being Multitasking, the ideology whereby you can focus on several activities at a time without loosing the quality of your job. Unfortunately the real world is different and our brain can only resolve one problem at a time, even if its speed of action make us think that it is capable of accomplishing several jobs at the same moment. Console yourself, it works the same for your computer: when processing different programs it gets slower and slower and sometimes it crashes because the memory capacity is not enough to handle with everything. In conclusion, with too many things to do we get tired and we make more mistakes. It doesn’t change anything whether you’re a computer or a human being.


The solution consists in a gradual change of habits, without aiming to the revolution that in our mind leads us to the sudden perfection but which ends up in a painful flop. Here you are instead a golden rule to follow: you need to concentrate on your work forgetting about all the rest. Are you completing a report for your boss? Focus on it, leave the e-mail, your smartphone and, when possible, the phone calls. Establish some rules to efficiently manage your email: you could check your messages at the beginning of your day and before leaving the office. If there is something urgent, they can use the phone. Check the documents on your desk and organize them by priority and start working on them, one step at a time. You will see that in a short time – not in just one day of course – you will cope with everything and get to the Friday afternoon tired but without any job left to do and with the feeling that it was YOU who won over the job. It would be good to leave your desk for a moment and maybe rent a flexible workstation in our A&B Business Centers in order to see your work from a different perspective. It will help you into that change of habits, making it faster, that will allow you to take the workflow in your hands, leading you to the most desired level of efficiency.

Do you still think that being multitasking is good?