The first impression is what matters!

This is absolutely necessary during the job interview, where the future of a person is at stake, as he would like to be chosen for a new job or a new task which involves a career promotion. A few minutes are enough for examiners to understand if the person in front of them is the right one on the basis of the employer’s requests and needs, and for the candidates the possibility of having found a job in line with their expectations. Being aware of your personal talents, peculiarities and features is necessary, as it is knowing what direction to give to your life, in order to do the right professional choices, without forgetting that if for a young person looking for employment it is “the job interview”, the employer’s choice is “one in a thousand”.

Here are some practical tips to introduce yourself in the best way.

The introduction

The perfect introduction does not exist, you can only introduce yourself in a decent and appropriate way. The mental attitude and the behaviour are fundamental, but also your attire is important. If the job position is very formal, you should have a flawless style, otherwise you can choose casual and smart clothing. In this case you will not give the impression of being dressed up for a party; moreover, if you are not used to formal wear you will prevent to show your annoyance, which will be noticeable even if you do not realize it.

The answers 

Each question has to be followed by an answer that shows your competence and skills but also self – confidence and reliability. Short answers are recommended: it is better to avoid detailed and long winded replies if not specifically requested.

The posture

The body posture is just as important as your curriculum. If you lay down on the armchair you will give an impression of laxity, but you have not even to sit as if you were about to run away. Sitting down comfortably and giving the impression of being at your ease and willing to have a conversation – without overstatement – is the best solution. Do not shake your hands too much, it communicates irritability and do not put your hands in your pockets or under your thighs, this gesture signals the intention of conceal something. 

The purpose of the job interview

You must never lose sight of the reason of the interview: if it is the right place for you, you must explain why. Do not declare you “need a job”, even if it is understandable and legitimate: this will prevent the recruiter from thinking you are there for a personal need and not for the job in the company. Do not tell personal facts, because it indicates a low level of professionalism and shows a desire to mix working and private issues. If the job interview is chatty, the following question is inevitable: “Why do you think you are the right person for this job?” or “Why should we hire you?”. This is the moment to draw the winning sword: few words to solve their dilemma. The job interview is an investment for you and your future, so prepare to be a determined and aware winner.

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