Creating a peaceful work environment is absolutely not easy: people spend really much time with their colleagues, often more than with their beloved people, for this reason it’s important to create a positive atmosphere, characterized by sharing and support.
Moreover, in addition to the fact that a serene company climate influences workers’ well-being, good relationships also affect productivity: you have to get along with colleagues to work together in the best way – no coincidence we talk about team work.

Here are five tips which will help you to create a positive work climate. These are easily applicable, a little sagacity is enough: just think to the power of a smile, it is infectious and free.

1.Lunch break is essential

Lunch time is very important, not only because it is good to stay at least 1 hour far off the desk and the computer screen, but above all because it facilitate informal dynamics between colleagues, stimulating the mutual acquaintance and deepening relationships that, if limited to working issues, remain shallow.

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2. Simplify your employee’s life

This is an advice for those who must manage staff, who can be simply the “boss” of the company or the HR manager of a larger and more structured company. “Simplify life” means many things: introducing corporate welfare programs, facilitating the conciliation between private and working life with flexible time, providing employees with efficient tools… The employee is the first client of a company and cuddling him will make him more productive, but also happy to work for you, giving the best every day.

3. Help your colleagues in need …

Teamwork also means helping others even when you do not share the same project or the same client. This does not mean you have to replace them or take charge of what they are not able to do. It does not take too much: give advice or spend time to listen to them are small actions which will help them to reduce stress and find the right direction to deal with problems.

4. … and celebrates their achievements

A new client or a successful project are occasions to party. Whether you are the boss or a colleague, congratulate with the brain of the outcome: an office where there is space for appreciation and for recognition of success is a constructive place, where every employee will be happy to work!

5. Be the driver of change

Finally, remember to be proactive, if you perceive that the company climate is “out of tune”, point it out to those concerned, maybe suggesting the changes to solve the situation. A new employee is a great resource in this sense: he still keeps an external view of the company dynamics and can highlight what is wrong.

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