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All the questions to ask before changing profession

After 10 years of work have you realized that you are not getting anywhere, actually? So far your career has not been as exciting as it seemed when you were 20, or are you convinced you have already assimilate the majority of what you need and – even worse – you have no more stimulations? If these thoughts do not emerge only during a “no – period” but they are recurring and increasingly persistent, perhaps it is the moment to change profession.

We say “perhaps”, with great prudence, because changing career when you are 30 or 40 it is a leap of faith and for that reason it’s risky. Therefore, it takes great courage, but first of all great awareness: to fight against the right fear of failing or taking the wrong decision, it is necessary to analyze goals, obstacles to face and take measures of your own abilities.

So, here are A&B’s advices to decide whether to change career or not, divided into the two fundamental aspects to make the right decision.

First step: consideration

It is the moment to analyze the situation: from where is the desire to change career born? Embracing change is a great quality, but choosing a new career for the wrong reasons is more similar to an escape. So, the first step is setting your own objectives and understand if the new profession would go in that direction: do you have a business idea or think the digital revolution is the opportunity to catch?

In these cases, don’t hesitate: put aside the fear of failure – considering a possible plan B – and start planning your working future.

Organizing means also thinking about the steps to follow: if you want to move from one company and one position to another – for example from the graphic designer of a communication agency to the project manager of a confectionery company – you can proceed step by step, for example checking if in your current company there are interesting open positions and, at a later stage, apply for the company of your dreams with some expertise in the new role.

This process is suitable not only for people who want to remain independent, but it is also a good way to act even for those who want to change career and become freelancer: you can start exploring this world by presenting your boss packaged projects as a freelancer would do, and verifying your skills and sales abilities.

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Second step: study and research

Once you decided that yes, changing career is really the right choice, there is a great work made of preparation, study, research and even networking. Restart with a new career means to choose a new field where ten years of career hardly matter, maybe.

However, the gained experience helps to think about the real opportunities of the so desired profession, with greater clarity of mind compared to a young twenty – year – old just gotten out of school; and then, you have to consider your network: people who can give you advices or become your first customers.

Study the market, the difference between demand and supply for the position you are interested in, in the area you live are essential steps which make the difference between a flop and a new successful career.

Last advice: go back to books, only in this way you will fill the gap between you and the experts in the field, mixing passion and appropriate training.

These two steps are the main ingredients to change career in the less traumatic way: prepare yourself diligently with wide open eyes to change, without going back again once you have crossed the new threshold.

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