Because of a lot of stress over the last months of my life, I had the misadventure of falling asleep on the train, getting off at the very last station. While travelling back I tried to get informed about the abilities or superpowers of those who wake up just one minute before reaching their destination. So, I took my tablet in search of some techniques to do the same. Someway, I had to spend my travel back!

What I found out is that there are two different theories explaining this phenomenon. According to the first one, some people were born with the gift of getting awake according to their needs. It sounds like some people can naturally adapt to the external events more easily than others. It is like having an alarm clock in the head. Basically, when we are asleep we are not totally absent from the reality, because we still record events around us and evaluate dangers in a very instinctive way. When we hear a loud noise and wake up, we perceive a potential danger; maybe it was just our cat who decided to break a flowerpot, but this is another thing. Anyway, the ancient part of our brain was programmed to defend ourselves from external dangers, even when we are not awake. If we think about cavemen, we easily understand the reason why.

The second theory explains how we can program our awakening before getting asleep. Our mind can independently calculate the hours and manage the time flowing like any other clock. We are someway provided with some operative system with an alarm clock. The only thing we are supposed to do is to say ourselves what time we want to get awake, let’s say 6 o’clock pm, and our brain record this information very precisely. It’s hard to say which is the best theory, probably everyone has different inner workings, and others are just not capable, causing some misadventure like mine.

Personally, I’m thinking of join A&B Business Center. It’s about furnished offices available from one hour or more according to what I need, with several branches all over the city. In addition, I can bring with me my four legged friend. I decide independently when to go to work, how long and where it’s more comfortable for me according to my appointments. This way I can avoid getting awake too soon and run all the day long until I get so tired that I fall asleep until the last stop! I will even avoid turning myself into an Awakening Magician!