Google presents Hire, the new app created to make the meeting between job supply and demand easier and the selection of candidates faster. Available only in the USA, it will be launched in Europe soon.

Its name is Hire and it is the newly born app of Google, created to simplify the job search. It can be easily integrated with the services provided by Google Suite and makes the communication between enterprises and candidates – and their selection –  easier. Hire includes Gmail, which allows an optimal cataloguing and storing of emails and conversations exchanged by Hangouts, the Google chat for instant messaging. The synchronization with the Calendar function allows the companies to plan all the job interviews, keeping a clear schedule which is very helpful in case of a large number of candidates. Furthermore, who is looking for staff will have an easy access to their information. Finally, the app is provided with a function that not only collect, but analyses and classifies information and requisites of those who apply for a particular position. This is to say that a smaller amount of time will be spent over reading all the CVs submitted, categorizing and evaluating all the information given and comparing them with the characteristics of the required profile. According to  a research by Deloitte, the traditional personnel recruitment costs to companies about 4000 dollars and more or less 52 days. The new platform Hire allows to save time and money. Finally, the interaction between Hire and Google Drive allows to share and save files and documents with addresses and various information concerning the parts involved in the recruiting operation.

Hire, provided with an easy and intuitive interface, doesn’t work only as a link between companies and candidates like Google Jobs, but it is also a useful mean to simplify the entire selection process. The platform is perfect for all the working environments, especially for the small or medium companies, those with a medium job turnover, no HR section fully dedicated to the recruitment and with no possibility to spend too much money for the outsourcing of the candidates selection. At the moment, Hire has been launched in the USA only and is available for enterprises with less than 1000 employees. The use of the app requires a monthly rate whose amount depends on the number of employees of the company and the number of accounts to be activated. The vertices of Big G made clear their intention to expand the use of the platform even in other country, in Europe first of all. The diffusion of Hire, and its upgrade, will be made easier thanks to the several partnerships between the group Mountain Views and other platforms such as Facebook, Monster, WayUp, Glassdoor, DirectEmployers and CareerBuilder.

A comparison with Linkedin is immediate, because it is the only social network fully focused on the professional contacts development in the job world and the largest with its 500 millions users: will Google be able to impose itself even in this sector?