GiocoNot just for eating lunch and drinking a coffee, the break room can be a key driver in improving productivity and corporate culture.
It’s a democratic space where everyone, from the CEO to the receptionist, can socialize, collaborate and get some play time in. Companies that have invested in creating a break area with a sense of fun and playfulness at work have seen an improvement in productivity, employee retention and workplace satisfaction. This is why also A&B has revolutionized its break areas to offer its customers a moment of real pleasure. Here are the benefits:

1. Less stress, more productivity
Even a simple pinball creates a playful atmosphere and encourages employees to relieve stress with a quick game during break times.
It’s proved that a moment of game lowers pressure and releases endorphins and serotonin. All this leads to greater competence and productivity.
Just 15 minutes of pinball in the middle of a working day can help people to keep away stress and deal more effectively with work challenges.

2. Increase creativity and stimulate brain
Playing games is food for thought. Actually, it  makes you more clever and creative. It stimulates mind and increases the ease of understanding.
It is obvious that the game opens the brain up to new neural connections: while you are playing you develop new creative connections. Playing creates a  state of “flow” in the brain: the control of thoughts and psychological barriers are ignored, leading to an increase of creative ideas and innovation.

3. Offset the dangers of sitting all day long
We all know the damages of a desk job: back problems and headaches are just a few. A new research reveals that a sedentary lifestyle can shorten life up to 10 years and increase the risk of disease. Games in the workplace could literally add years to your life. A tennis match at lunchtime, pinball during the coffee break, even five minutes with a Hula-Hoop will reduce the side effects of hours and hours of immobility. Ideally you should get up and move around for at least five minutes every hour.

4. Union and connectivity
Plato said “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”
And it’s true that with the game the usual verbal label boundaries are exceeded. Creative and physical play accelerates human bonding and encourages connectivity between colleagues and clients. Different researches reveal that having friends at work is an incentive to well – being and increase loyalty to company.

5. The healing power of laughter
The game creates laughter, and laughter makes us pleasant, happier and more carefree. In this state, imagination, physical and emotional well-being and connectivity are all present.
According to a recent study, laughter releases biological impulses for a healthy heart: endorphins activate receptors on the surface of our blood vessels, which then release nitric oxide. Widening blood vessels and increasing blood flow reduces inflammation, the formation of cholesterol and helps to prevent heart disease.