Work is also a matter of style and the Giants of the digital world know it. That’s why Amazon, Google, Facebook, Huawei rework their image with new headquarters similar to the Palace of Versailles.

Adieu to the old offices recalling the style of the universities with their own research laboratories. Now the giants of the new technologies are creating new places which are proper micro – worlds able to reproduce a small cosmo. Among the buildings who are getting noticed there is the new headquarter of Amazon, the best online-selling company, which will inaugurate the new building placed in Seattle in 2018. We are talking about a 306 squared meters building planned to make the employees’ life better. That’s why at the ground floor of the building there will be 3 areas reproducing the equatorial forest, accessible only to the workers of the company. It will allow people to enjoy their breaks, entertain their customers and making them relax. Just a few attentions more even for homeless people and non-governative organizations who will be able to enjoy an area of this building. This is to say green growth and employees’ happiness.

What Facebook has in mind instead is a proper village, a project by Frank Gehry. The project includes chemists, several shops, restaurants, hotels, bars and especially 500 houses, 15% of which will be offered at very low prices. Obviously, there will be also offices for the personnel who will enjoy all the comforts provided. A sort of small world where you can find all the essential to live. Even the project for Google in Mountain View is quite extravagant. In this particular case the Arch Bjarke Ingels from Denmark has imagined some spaces covered with glass calottes with some modular buildings inside which can be adopted according to the need of creating new functional spaces.

The search for the ideal work place isn’t anything new: as a matter of fact, people who are free to organize their work spaces indipendently are always looking for optimal workspace solutions, maybe in contact with nature, or easy to get to and allowing them to have everything they need very close for some relax moments. If you are in search of a single workstation or a proper office space, you can choose A&B Business Center, always focused on innovation and adoptable solutions in order to make your office a place where you can really feel at ease.