Written by Victory

20 February 2019

Valentina, office manager, It opens the doors of the Business Center

Our network business center It is composed of eight offices, each managed by a office manager who knows all the secrets: This time we present Valentina, A center manager&B Cinisello Balsamo, a small town near Milan.

Tell us your story here in Cinisello

I work as office manager I also 11 years now: After an initial training period in via Valla, I worked for almost a year in via Dogana and when we opened this center 9 Years ago, It has been entrusted to me from the outset. An important responsibilities that I face with enthusiasm: now this is my second home.

As my colleagues have so many tasks to be performed: including deadlines, requests for proposal, meet the needs of the business center customers, and manage administrative matters, the hours pass very quickly.

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Office manager of the center of Bovisa

How is the relationship with the guest business center?

Really good: many customers come dall'hinterland Milan and Monza, just like me, so we have a common base on which to build a friendly relationship. In the morning at the time of the offices and then pauses in fact I often exchange of words with those who want and what happens outside the doors of the business center is often at the center of the discourse: festival, interesting restaurants to dine, places to visit ... basically, He does not live only for work.

Why Choose an office in the business center of Cinisello?

As I said, our center is really easy to reach: The business center is located Cinisello Balsamo not far from Monza, near the exit north ring Road and the state 36 that within a few kilometers becomes Viale Fulvio Testi and leads directly to the heart of Milan. It is a perfect point of support for those who live in these areas, because it allows you to combine the tranquility of the Brianza with the convenience of arriving in Milan in a jiffy when needed.

For the 2020, more, It is expected extension of the metro line: a station will be built 100m from here, along with an interchange car park and a commercial area. In short, it is increasingly living area, which in recent years is blooming.

Choosing to rent an office from us means you get much more than what the market offers in the rest the nearby Brianza: others business center there are none - maybe some coworking -, but in costumer service we have long experience; flexibility, organization and availability are our winning.

Working here in A&B also has another advantage: we are surrounded by greenery and so we became a little ' green we too; we have installed solar panels on the roof of our four-storey building to impact less on the environment. All year round you can enjoy a beautiful view, from the offices you can see the mountains of Lecco, and summer exploit tables that we provide in the garden for a lunch break outdoors.

The center A&B Cinisello is the right venue for your office?
Pay a visit, Valentina will find the perfect solution for you