Written by Victory

23 January 2019


Here's our list of the best places to eat in Porta Venezia

A quick lunch and then back to the desk: Yup, But where? The At headquarters&B Via Finocchiaro Aprile It is in Porta Venezia, prestigious neighborhood but quite expensive in Milan, since it is one of the shopping centers, mainly concentrated along Corso Buenos Aires.

As we already told for our headquarters in Via Dogana, we want to point you which ones are the our seats in the neighborhood: share this information with you that you have just arrived in the business center for us means make you feel a bit 'at home, immediately showing the attention that distinguishes us.

Here is a list of here safe havens for a quick lunch, an aperitif after a busy day or a more relaxed meal in Porta Venezia: we're sure you will not disappoint you.


For a lunch hit-and-run:

  1. woven: i real Venetian sandwiches transplanted in Milan, from the characteristic rounded shape to smile which testifies to the abundance of the filling. Li has in Via Vittor Pisani, to be consumed on the spot or to take away; the beauty is that you can also order it online and wait comfortably delivery office.
    Ah, almost forgot: by a apericena in Milan Porta Venezia this place is perfect, because even they mastered the art of the spritz
  2. Spontini: is a popular pizza chain. It is a place somewhere between the usual pizza and fast food, with the security of a standard quality: you can sit at the table, in large halls and in some cases dehors, enjoying a slice of deep dish pizza. This will even find two district: a Piazza Duca d'Aosta (nearest) and the other in a cross Corso Buenos Aires
  3. Panino Giusto: sandwich soul Milan - the first store was opened in 1979 Corso Garibaldi -, Panino Giusto It is characterized by the high quality of the ingredients it uses and the skill in composing the sandwiches, now exported all over the world. The closest point is in Piazza Duca d'Aosta, but if you want to combine a sandwich shopping you find another in Via Marcello Malpighi


For when you have time:

  1. Restaurant Piazza Della Repubblica: very close to our headquarters, this ristorante It serves contemporary cuisine, where the best raw materials make up traditional Italian dishes revisited. Besides the inevitable selection of typical Milanese dishes, Paper proposals are meat and fish dishes that vary according to the seasonality: a place where your customers will be in their element
  2. Bjork: halfway between the boutique and restaurant, Björk Swedish Brasserie He tells the Swedish culture through design and good food. Open all day, from lunch to dinner aperitif, you can sit at tables or on stools around the workbench, to peek preparations
  3. Onu Sushi Experience: sushi in Milan is not only all you can eat. In this Japanese restaurant, just steps from the business center, Also found carte menu with high quality courses

And then, as not to mention the Pavè famous pastry? Although it is not really a place to eat we did not want to forget: is perfect for a break a little’ longer, perhaps to meet a client on the fly, drinking a coffee with a voluptuous brioches.

Porta Venezia is the Milan neighborhood that suits you and your company?
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