1 – What is the definition of "cookies"?

A "cookie" is a text file that can be stored in a dedicated space on the hard drive of the device used by the user (the art. computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) when you visit the online service A&B Services through its own browser, and may be subject to the consent of the user. The cookie is used to identify the device in which it is kept the same cookie for the whole period of validity of the cookie or register.

During visits to the online service&B Services, information about the navigation data received from the user's device may be stored in "cookies" installed on that device. At the time of the first visit, the user will be informed about the use of cookies with information contained in a banner. With the continuation of navigation after displaying the banner, you consent to the use of cookies.

However, you can change at any time the settings for cookies. Below are provided further information about cookies, and on settings management arrangements for them.


2 – Types of cookies used

When connecting to our site, unless your consent, various cookies may be installed on the user device, in order to recognize the device used by the user for the duration of the period of validity of cookies.

A&B Services uses cookies for the following purposes, unless your consent:

• compile statistics, monitor the traffic volumes and measure the use of the various sections of the Site (the art. titles and content views, click streams), in order to improve the efficiency and availability of services to&B Services;

• compute the total number of advertisements shown in the special advertising spaces, identify themselves and their number of views, identify the number of users who click on each of them, and, When possible, the subsequent actions taken by users on these pages in order to calculate the compensation due to business partners (the art. communication and advertising agencies, Web sites, etc.), purposes of statistical analysis;

• customize the presentation of the site to the user's device display settings (language, screen resolution, operating system, etc.) during the visit of the same, based on hardware, software, video software for this device;

• customize advertising space to the user's device display settings (language, screen resolution, operating system, etc.), based on hardware, software, video software for this device;

• if the user has supplied personal data, including contact details, and he has chosen to accept cookies when you register or access to services, navigation data acquired through the cookies may be linked to your personal data, to the purpose of advertising materials, or to display customized advertising on the user's device in the advertising spaces that use our cookies. It is specifically advertising messages destined for the user and could personally of interest to you;

• keep the information in the completed forms on the Website and information about certain products or services through the site selected (the art. services to which the user is registered, cart contents, etc.);

• allow access to restricted areas and customized, the art. l’account, based on username, passwords and other data that the user has previously given to A&B Services access;

• implement security measures (eg, to help you recognize the registered user on subsequent follow-up visits a certain period of time, through request to re-issue the log-in).


3 – Cookies related to the integration of third-party applications

A&B Services may include third party software applications on the Site, that allow users to share the content of the Site with other users or to inform other users about visiting or opinions related to such content. It is the case, in particular, the "Share" and "I like buttons" on social networks (like Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Social networks that provide these buttons may use them to identify you, even if the user has clicked them during the visit on the Site. In fact this kind of buttons could allow the social network to track browsing the Website, simply because the user has logged-in to your account on the social network from your device (cd. open session) during the visit to the Site. A&B Services has no control over the processes used by social networks to gather information relating to the site visit by the user or other related personal data. Please refer to the policies of protection of personal data of such social networks in order to understand the purpose for which the collection of the navigation data is through the mentioned buttons, especially as regards advertising purposes. The social networks policies should enable it to exercise their own choices through the account settings.


4 – Choices about the cookies

There are several ways to manage cookies. The settings chosen by the user may change the browsing experience and the conditions of access to some services that use cookies. And 'possible to express or change their own choices about the use of cookies at any time, as described below.

4.1 – Choices available through the browser

E 'can configure your browser to allow the storage of cookies on your device, to automatically reject or refuse certain. It's possible, Moreover, configure your browser in order to view the request for acceptance or rejection of cookies before a cookie is installed. For more information, see sub section c) "How to exercise the options in the browser".

(a) Acceptance of cookies

The user can decide whether to accept the installation of cookies on their device. The user is free to make his choice, and to edit it at any time via your browser settings used on the device. If your browser is set so as to accept the installation of cookies on the user's device, The cookies used by the web pages you visit will be temporarily stored in a dedicated area of ​​the user's device. They will be readable only by those who install the cookie.

(b) Refusal of cookies

If the user chooses to reject the installation of cookies on their device, or in case of removal of cookies already stored, you can not use the functionality required to navigate within some sections of the Site. It is the case, eg, some content or services that require you to log-in to access. Moreover, in relation to the technical compatibility, It may not be able to recognize the type of browser used by the user on their device, the default language or the country from which the terminal is connected. If your browser is set to reject the installation of cookies on the device, A&B Services assumes no responsibility regarding the reduced functionality of the services resulting from the lack of authorization to the preservation and display of information necessary for the full operation of the Site and Services.

(c) How to exercise the options in the browser

Each browser offers several ways to manage cookies and their settings. The browser is described in the "Help" menu (Help) toolbar located in most browsers, where they are given information about how to change settings related to cookies.

Per Internet Explorer™:,

For Safari™:,

Per Chrome™: = en&hlrm = a&answer=95647,

Per Firefox™: et désactiver les cookies,

For Opera™:

"Flash" © cookies that use "Adobe Flash Player"™

“Adobe Flash Player”™ is an application that allows a quick display of dynamic content using the "Flash" computer language. This and other similar applications store settings, preferences and usage data through a technology similar to cookies. However "Adobe Flash Player"™ manages this information through an interface other than that provided by the user's browser. In the event that the user's device to display content developed with Flash technology, please access the management tool of Flash cookies directly from the Adobe website at


5 – use the terminal Sharing with others

If the user's device is used by more people, or if the same device has multiple browsers, you can not be certain that the services and the advertisements that appear on the user's device match the use of the device in question from the user or to that performed by others. If this is the case, sharing work with other device and configuring browser settings regarding cookies are a user's choice and will take place under the responsibility of the latter.