Written by Victory

6 February 2019

All you need to know to paternity leave 2019

The reconciliation of work and family is a question increasingly felt, Also in our reality: many mothers and many fathers working in the offices of A&B so we know how complicated it is to match these two aspects of their lives. Among the incentives in support of a new way to experience parenthood There is the paternity leave, one tool introduced in 2012 and that this year has been renewed: it is a bonus – INPS allowance equal to 100% of pay - covering 5 days of absence from work.

This also Dads can stay at home with their newborn children, creating an important first bond with the newborn and supporting the mother in times of need. At the moment, indeed, the leave is limited to this time period (although in Europe it is moving something), but it is an important first step because the birth - or the entry in the family - a child is not just a women's prerogative.

You already know this instrument? We have collected information here to understand as does the paternity leave, when he has the right and how to apply.

Paternity leave: when it?

In recent years there have been changes over the duration of paternity leave: we see what has changed with the budget law 2019 (here is the normative reference: law 145/2018, art.1, comma 278).

The father is entitled to:

  • 5 days compulsory leave, against 4 the previous law
  • 1 day off optional to benefit instead of the mother, that "gives" then one to his father

Seeking to receive the new dad It must respond to certain conditions, that are:

  • be employed
  • take leave no later than the fifth month of the infant's life, counted from the birth or adoption and foster care occurred as of January 1, 2019 and up to 31 December 2019

Also we specify that the compulsory leave is not related to the period of abstention from Mother's Work: This means that the father may choose to use the 5+1 days available to him at any time (subject to the limit of 5 months), even if the mother were to give up leave.

How to ask for paternity leave

First of all, to request the leave the employer must comply with the timing for the request of at least 15 days in advance. If you wanted to take up the leaves for the time of birth of child, also know that the notice in this case is calculated the expected date of delivery.

There are two procedures for requesting:

  1. in case of equalization payment – in short words, if your salary is still paid by the employer (which will be reimbursed by the INPS) – you have to communicate to him in writing the reference dates
  2. If the payment is made directly from’INPS you must apply the institute. This can occur in three different ways: online through INPS portal online services; through Contact center the number 803 164 (Free from landlines) or 06 164 164 from mobile network; through the entities of patronage and intermediaries Institute.
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