If you dream about changing your life and leave the four walls of your office, the smog and the traffic of the city for ever in order to establish in a healthier environment, be aware that there are people who made it and now live (and work) at the seaside.

The first story we would like to tell you is the one about Giorgio Parisi, who was born in an important family of builders and who decided to invest in Italy, opening a lounge restaurant in Torre Del Greco. Leading by example are even the courage and initiative of Lorenzo Malafarina, who now renovates no more public lighthouses to create small exclusive hotels. Claudio Villa instead decided to bid on kids fun, creating the first floating amusement park, the Boabay in Rimini. Taking advantage from the resources of the several Italian regions, there are young and ambitious entrepreneurs who changed life starting a B&B very close to the beach in Salento or created trekking schools in Sardinia or bought a boat for tourists who want to spend their holidays offshore.

Lorenzo, Marco, Riccardo and Joel are 5 further men who reinvented their life focusing on the seaside and starting new activities “between the waves”. The first one, from aspiring philosofer postman, became a professional skipper, while Marco, born in 1978, quit an important career as financial manager in the London City to circumnavigate the globe and found to first Italian Association for Offshore Sailing. Joel spent several years designing new models for industrial machines but once he lost his job, he started a hard new regenerating life path, turning himself into the world first green crabs fisher. Riccardo and Simone are two friends who gave courage to each other and changed their lives starting a new app, Sailsquare, to share sailing holidays.

There are several ideas to reinvent oneself. If you lack some courage and you’re in need of a guide to organize your “escape” from your current life, you can count on some pieces of advice of the escape coaches, some specialists of the art of the evasion from an asphyxiating routine. Monica Lasaponara made a treasure of her own experience ( from marketing expert in a worldwide company she became a professional escape coach) and now she holds some seminars and courses arranged by Hub Roma and Hub Milano for aspiring escaper. Those who are looking for a help to quit everything and change life can count on the competence of Escape the City, a society that supports plans to radically change your life.

Leaving everything behind is never easy, but it is not impossible to make a dream come true. All you need is some courage and a good plan!