Many people think that only the early bird catches the worm, but is it true? It isn’t, sleeping can improve the quality of life at the office instead.

Who wouldn’t like to sleep 6-8 hours per night nonstop? Probably everybody would love it, but the frenetic pace of life make it difficult. However, there’s a good reason now to try harder. According to a research conducted by RAND Europe, a little sleep can lead to an economic loss for a company, with a consequent decrease in terms of sales volume of the single company and GDP of a country. An exaggeration? No. Micheal Grander, who works at the University of Arizona and who is specialized in the study of sleep, confirms that a worker who doesn’t sleep enough has worse performances than a person sleeping regularly. Furthermore, for those sleeping less, there’s a major risk of making mistakes even from a bureaucratic point of view. Problems are not over anyway, because these people tend to call ill more often than usual. It’s been calculated that for a single worker an insufficient sleep can lead to a $ 1200 loss, without adding £ 5000 dollars concerning the healthcare costs.

The reason for these losses is explained by Professor Luigi Ferini Strambi, director of the “Sleep Medicine Center of San Raffaele” in Milan. He highlights how, during the sleep hours, in both REM and NON-REM phases, the frontal and prefrontal part of the brain is in stand-by. This causes a real rigeneration which allows to start in the morning more vigilant and with a new energy. The two areas of the brain mentioned before are responsible for the problem solving capacity and motor activities. For this specific reason it is important, before going to the office, to verify that you have slept enough and well and, in case you didn’t, try to change your lifestyle in order to get a restful sleep and make your mind and body work better.

Sleeping well is important especially for those who are always in contact with people, because a little sleep means more irritability. Are you thinking about extra hours at work? Nothing could be more incorrect. People thinking about extra hours are usually independent workers, but according to a research the mental abilities after 17-19 hours awake are more or less the same of a drunk person. Consequently, if you would like to give the best at work, sleep well and look for a place where it’s easier to keep concentrated, like an office in the heart of Milan for example, allowing yourself a different place than the ordinary office. In A&B Business Centers this is all possible!