How many times have you heard about the importance of a proper training? Probably many times, and you have always asked yourself whether it really brings advantages. That’s what you should know.

People have always looked with hesitancy to the corporate training: workers consider it a waste of time and entrepreneurs usually think about the costs involved, and whether they could really recover the money spent on it. They always think that the increase of the sales is not connected with the training path of the employees. That’s the very reason why it is often ignored. But is it really a good choice?

Actually, the suspicious way we usually look at the training programs is not fair, since workers should look at it not as a waste of time, but as a way to facilitate the productive processes instead, making them faster and stimulating from an intellectual point of view. For the employers, having at their disposal highly qualified staff means an essential resource, especially in a globalised and extremely competitive world where, if you’re not always updated and ready to offer the best, you get replaced.

Corporate trainings can be divided into two different categories. The first one is dedicated to the newly employed, who must be introduced into the work environment with the right competences to be fully operative and productive. It is necessary to get a complete knowledge of the company philosophy and means of production. In addition, some refresher courses are necessary even for the people who have worked for the company for ages. These ones must be informed about the new technologies available in their field, for example when they work in Marketing they must be aware of the new medias. They need to know the new technologies used by people as well, like the most recent computers or apps, which are newly introduced into the market and facilitating their job.

Employees training allows the company to be always modern on the market, without getting old. None of the workers should be left behind from a formative point of view because this would mean an important lost. Furthermore, keeping the staff trained avoids to dismiss those with obsolete competences or leave at work not really useful people in that particular field. This is what is happening in the public employment, with a strong consequence on costs.

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