A&B’s suggestions to create the perfect working place

Of the 24 hours we have every day, we spend almost 8 hours sleeping and, very often, more than 8 hours working: this is why the office is a very important place to each of us, up to be a second home, and so, creating the best working environment is primary.

In fact, feeling good at work do not concern only good relationships between colleagues or professional incentives: furnishing and the creation of a place where people can easily concentrate are relevant; indeed, if these standards are not respected, it is very often impossible to realize even the first conditions.

For this reason we thought to give you our advices about working environment, a sort of check list to browse to verify if there is something to improve or if you already work in the perfect office.

The 5 factors of the ideal office

  1. For different purposes, different spaces. Whether your office is an open space or divided by doors and glass walls, it is important to avoid conducting all the activities at the desk. There should be dedicated rooms to meet clients and break areas, where you can have lunch and spend a few relaxing moments to recover concentration.
  2. Open space, only when needed. Encouraging creativity and sharing with colleagues are essential, but are you sure the best way to do this is to work in an open space? If your working day is made of phone calls and meetings with clients, maybe it is better to have a single office, delimited by walls and doors.
  3. Pay attention to the climate. Maintaining the ideal temperature in the office is an important factor. How many times do you bicker with colleagues in this regard? How much discontent does it create? The DPR no. 74/2013 sets temperature in the offices at 20°C with a tolerance of 2°C, established in order to ensure climatic comfort to the working activities.
  4. The perfect workstation. The disposition and personalization of the desk are to be considered. Desks should be oriented so that who is working could have natural light and everyone should personalize his own desk: we are not talking about upsetting but about little supplements to make it more comfortable.
  5. Tools count. Fast and functioning internet connection, computers that run programs quickly, ergonomic and comfortable chairs… not only important for the psychophysical wellness, but also a basis for a good jobRead also: Good bye, dear old chair! Here you are the alternatives for the office

Certainly, these are only the main aspects that affect wellness in the office, the topic is so extended that we will debate it again in the future: the use of colors, the presence of some plants and natural elements, the planning of the perfect break area… with these five suggestions you can begin an investigation about the conditions of your office and take the first steps towards the ultimate office.

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