Coworking is an alternative to remote working and the office, and it allows many professionals to share the same working environment and the connected services, keeping their independence.

The first coworking space was born in San Francisco in 2005 and over the next years it has started to develop even in our country, where today we can count more than 350 centers. The principal factors determining its success are explained through a sharing economy philosophy, which has taken many other forms of expression today, for example car/bike sharing, cohousing and couchsurfing, crowdfunding etc. Having at your disposal a work space to share has several advantages: first of all, an important cost reduction compared to a private office, since you won’t have any initial investment concerning the rental of the space, the furniture, the equipment or the utilities; you won’t have long term contracts anymore, because they start from a daily use; you can benefit from several services already included in the price like multifunction copy machines, wireless connection, break and lounge area and meeting rooms. Another important advantage is that you can use coworking workstations whenever you want, paying only for the effective use, with everything you need to work immediately at your disposal.

A working environment immediately available, provided with many services, attracts start-ups and independent workers who sometimes work isolated from home. The standard coworker operates in fields where you don’t really need a proper office, which means freelancers starting their activity from home and then, sick of working with their pyjamas and slippers on, constantly distracted but willing to widen their professional perspectives through new stimulating partnerships. That is the moment when they choose the coworking, discovering a new efficient and easily adaptable reality.

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