CoworkingAfter the birth, in 2005, of the first coworking in San Francisco, these workspaces have gradually radicalized worldwide, reaching a total of 11,000 units.
According to recent surveys, coworking is becoming very popular in Italy, as about 300 facilities throughout the country confirm, with a clear predominance in Northern Italy, where there are more or less 200 buildings. Needless to say, Milan is the undisputed capital, with about sixty coworking spaces, against the few tens of big cities such as Rome, Bologna, Turin and Florence.
The research also shows that, in Italy, this reality involves more and more companies and workers, showing the great potential of diffusion for the next years, even in the face of the positive feedback of the market.
But why do people like coworking so much?
Factors are definitely various.
First, freelancers and independent collaborators (which represent about half of the attendees) consider it the perfect choice, as they find in this solution an opportunity to work away from the isolation of the domestic walls and to organize their own pace of work without distractions.
Start ups have the possibility to get in touch with a dynamic reality, to expand their network of knowledge and therefore to encourage new projects, ideas and suggestions; without great capital investments that a traditional office would implicate.
Not least, with the expansion of smart working not only in small companies but also in multinational corporations, coworking has become the best solution to the new requirements of flexibility of the labor market.
A&B, in its Business Centers of Via Sammartini 33 in Milan and Via Lavizzari 4 in Lugano, has coworking areas, with reception, video surveillance, high-speed Wi-Fi and break area. There are also optional packages with complementary services such as the use of private meeting rooms where customers can meet their guests with more privacy and the use of printers and copiers.
Here, work becomes not only a duty and a commitment but also an opportunity of aggregation, a springboard to enhance creativity and productivity and to achieve objectives and projects.

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