The aim is to guarantee the gradual comeback to work, while preserving the safety of the workers.

The entrance into the phase 3

The provisions of the Prime Ministerial Decree of June 11th provide for new measures that aim to limit the epidemic while restarting work activities. INAIL outlined an organizational model for the prevention that comprises the government’s guidelines.

Specifically these measures are valid from June 15th to July 14th , 2020. As said before, these measures aim to guarantee a safe comeback with regard to workers’ health.

Safety in the workplace

When it comes to professional activities little changes: smart-working or other safe alternatives are always recommended.

Vacations, paid leaves for employees or any other option provided by the collective negotiation must be encouraged.

Lastly some safety protocols must be taken to prevent the contagion. These include periodic sanitization and personal protective equipment. Ultimately the introduction of a dedicated infographics and signals is recommended.

Risk assessment

The chances to come into contact with some possible sources of contagion cannot be excluded. Therefore it is necessary to be able to asses the risk inside the companies.

To that end INAIL has prepared, with the approval of the Civil protection and the scientific and technical committee, some technical parameters.

These measures are available in the document entitled: ”Documento tecnico sulla possibile rimodulazione delle misure di contenimento del contagio da SARS-CoV-2 nei luoghi di lavoro e strategie di prevenzione”


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