Socializing softens tension, and this is why more and more workers decide to devote themselves to social eating, that is the lunch break together.

Statistics say 34 million Italians eat outside home and remain in the workplace during lunchtime. The reasons can be various: the most common is related to the stress of having to come back to work in a short time and to the traffic which would not allow to return in time. However, in comparison with the traditional break consumed in the restaurant near the office or alone at the desk or on a bench, today everything is different and company social eating becomes a growth strategy. In fact, eating together is a way to improve interpersonal relationships between colleagues and at the same time creates a greater cohesiveness and ability to relate. It is not a conjecture, but it is a phenomenon studied and tested at the Cornell University. Researchers have indeed deduced that eating together is a real social glue which facilitates company growth and team building, the construction of the working team.

Company social eating also promotes healthy food habits. In fact, many workers decide to bring food from home and they choose it light, easy to digest and healthy. Goodbye to the old hot dog with chips and various sauces, eaten alone and quickly: the meal becomes a ritual in which you relax, you chew better and therefore you have a real healthy lunchtime. Social eating seems to be preferred by employees, commercial workers, students, but also millennial workers who consider sharing their reason for life and, above all, pay more attention to what they eat, preferring unique dishes prepared with care, even from the aesthetic point of view. This is why restaurant chains which deliver meals to the office and allow you to order exquisite courses in one click – with the possibility to choose vegan dishes and different light, colorful and tempting salads – have diffused.

Social eating is not limited to lunch between colleagues of the same company, as there are more and more self-employed people who decide to use co-working, sharing spaces with other professionals. The purpose is to overcome the alienation and the difficulties that all those who spend a lot of time working alone and do not have relations with colleagues meet. If you are one of these, the solution is A&B Business Center, that provides common spaces and areas for the lunch break where, in addition to eating, you can socialize and relax yourself between this meeting and that. In these areas there are also vending machines, to avoid starving for lack of food.