The A&B Community | Interview with Stefano Casazza, General Manager of MISUMI Europe GmbH

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10 Oct The A&B Community | Interview with Stefano Casazza, General Manager of MISUMI Europe GmbH


How is it working in an office in one of the A&B Business Centers? Have you ever wondered? We bet you have.

In order to answer this question and help you to understand if one of our offices could suit for you, we have decided to ask our clients some questions, as they use the offices and the services offered by our business centers daily.

In the new section “The A&B Community” – that we are inaugurating today – you will find interviews with professionals who run different realities, from the freelance to the multinational manager, each one with different needs and stories: today, we introduce you to Stefano Casazza, General Manager of MISUMI Europe GmbH and client of A&B Bovisa Politecnico since 2012.

What does your company do? What is your role?Stefano Casazza

I am the General Manager Sales Europe of MISUMI Europe GmbH for a year, a Japanese company born in 1963, which deals with the production and distribution of components for industrial automation, i.e. mechanical pieces for all types of machineries by means of an innovative and unique supply system: an engineering platform whose spearhead is the online portal ( MISUMI has 10.000 employees between production and distribution all over the world; in Italy, where I began my profession as head of representation/Italy Branch Manager, we only deal with sales at the moment, boasting companies such as Comau, IMA, Coesia and Sacmi among our customers, more than 2.500 clients in Italy and 20.000 in Europe in all.

What kind of office did you choose in the A&B Business Center? What were your needs at the time?

We are clients since 2012: I was taking care of the restructuring of the Italian branch at the time, therefore we had few employees but our growth plan required a flexible accommodation. Besides the German branch – headquarter of MISUMI Europe – the Italian one is the only branch where employees do not work in home office: we have preferred to have an office and the A&B Bovisa Politecnico completely met our need of spaces fitting to the estimated growth.

What do you like about the Business Center? Why should a company like yours choose it?

From our point of view, the advantages are an excellent price performance and the logistical ease. Our A&B office is easily reachable thanks to the proximity to the Milano Nord Bovisa station where the Malpensa Express trains, the Regional ones and the Suburbans stop. Moreover, it is very convenient to reach by car, as we are very close to the A4 Motorway, a very important route.

We have no particular needs, overall, as we do not have warehouse or visitors: we just need an office for us, able to change quickly with the company, a thing that traditional rent cannot offer.

How has your company evolved during the years in the Business Center?

When we joined the Business Center we were just five persons; we are 11 people today and we are still growing: we have just now extended the office with a view to a further growth, thinking also about the future. The trend is really positive, both in terms of hiring and turnover: we have gone from 1.5 million to 10 million in 6 years.

We have been able to face up the challenges of a market which, in Italy, is traditionalist, developing an innovative company that works online and which is able to get the appreciation of customers: in a sector where you fight on prices, we provide a system that saves time and cuts hidden costs.

What are the challenges for the future?

Our aims are very ambitious: we are determined to redouble the turnover in the next four years. We have the right instruments to do it: we will grow by hiring new people and increasing our offer with different functions; if all goes well, as we believe, we will enlarge again in two years.

Are you looking for a flexible space able to grow up with your business?
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