Breaking the ice is never easy, especially when you’re among strangers and in an uncomfortable situation, out of your comfort zone. Anyway, starting a good conversation is not an impossible mission if you follow our tips! Being honest and natural comes first: you don’t have to invent a character or find some particular subjet for a conversation. What is really important to create empathy with your interlocutor and conversate in a relaxing way, is to get free from your institutional role required in that particular moment and talk from person to person. When the meeting starts, everyone will take back the social status required but until that moment the conversation is something different. In order to conversate in an enjoyable way it is good to talk about easy and well-known subject. You can talk for example about some experience of yours, about the weather (why not?), or about some nice and funny situation of your working day: what really counts is the simplicity of expression. Talking about yourself will make the person feel at ease and will stimulate your interlocutor to tell something about himself as well. Pay attention anyway about invading one’s personal sphere, talking about “sensible” arguments like religion or politics. The risk is to make them get defensive about it. It’s good to remember that you don’t have to give a speech but you’re supposed to dialogue, which means giving the others time to listen to you and give an answer. It’s not possible for two strangers to conversate like old friends, so you must respect one’s different conversation timing.Another important feature to remember is the body gesture, an important non-verbal communication mean. Keep a relaxed posture, your back straight and your head high, without crossing your arms, looking into your interlocutor’s eyes and shaking his hand without tightening it too much!Your body language makes your message stronger when well used, so do not gesticulate too much because otherwise you could turn your conversation into a pantomime and remember to keep a vital distance of 60 cm from the other person. Do not try to be ironic at any cost: it’s not necessary to make people laugh, but make them at ease instead. A moment to laugh is welcome but if it doesn’t come…don’t worry. It is better to avoid “yes or no” or personal questions, nobody wants to feel like being under interrogation. In addition, you must remember that they are living a situation similar to yours, trying to break the ice: once you remember this, it is good to start a team work with common intents in order to dissolve any embarrassing moments.