Milan keeps proposing itself as economic and publishing capital in Italy, and this is the reason why Bookcity, a cultural event meant to support books, is getting planned here.

Bookcity in Milan is an event proposed by the city of Milan and several publishing houses like Mondadori, Corriere Della Sera and Feltrinelli. The aim of this event is creating a sort of show where books and culture are protagonist as identity marks of the city. The 2017 edition proposes thematic events taking place in symbolic buildings of the city, starting from November 14th at Fondazione Corriere Della Sera with a meeting dedicated to the past, entitled “When the publishing industry ruled over Italy”. You will hear about food instead at Sforzesco Castle on November 17th with an event called “Around Italy in 80 cakes”.

During the days focused on Bookcity the Sforzesco Castle will host several events about cultural subjects such as mental health and rock music. For those preferring a thematic approach, planners have created some hashtags like #equalopportunities, according to which it is possible to attend to different meetings like “A history of domestic violence in Italy” at Aula Magna of SIAM, or the presentation of the book “Milan is woman. The Milan Women making the difference”. For people working in the digital world, from remote or using the net, there are meetings about the digital market with its risks and also its several job opportunities. Today none can work without a computer, because the era of the static job is over and now we are facing a thrilling period: the smartworking time, which means working with no permanent workstation and from all over the world.

With Bookcity Milan is confirmed as a place capable of thinking great, spreading culture thanks to its ability to concentrate a great number of events in just a few days, through a net over the city, creating an environment where everyone can find a place. The choice of Milan for the event is important because it is a reference point for those working in the cultural world. There are a lot of workers looking for a workstation here, because there are several occasions to meet new customers and new ideas. If you would like to have this occasion as well, in our A&B Business Centers you can get a workstation starting from one hour, and you can meet customers, work from remote, having at your disposal a culturally stimulating space for your creativity.