Bleisure: a new way to combine business and leisure trips. Let’s discover together what it’s all about

In an increasingly globalised world marked by the rapid pace of life, where employees are often on a business trip in their own country or abroad in order to develop new partnerships, negotiate new offers or cooperate with the colleagues from other branches, Bleisure is rapidly getting ahead. The term is a combination between business and leisure, and it allows workers to join together an uncomfortable business trip and a real holiday. According to a research conducted by Expedia Media Solutions, 46% of the businessmen gladly add a weekend to their business trips, while 34% prefers to leave a couple of days in advance in order to focus on their business tasks only after recharging their mind, enjoying some relaxing days visiting a new city. Businessmen, when on a business trip, do not look for hotels according to the location of the appointments anymore, they got sick of the sad meals ordered to the room service or eaten at the hotel restaurant, and they have had enough about the taxi rides preventing them from seeing anything about the city they are in. With bleisure, the business trip is extended and it turns into an occasion for cultural growth, relax and fun.

Another interesting aspect about this increasing tendency is that the new travellers generation, the so-called Millenials, are embracing this phenomenon more than the old generation: young businessmen from 18 years old to 30 years old are prone to business trips and they are the ones who find time to extend their stay.

Statistics reveal an exponential annual growth of “bleisure travellers”. The most selected european areas for this kind of trips are the Northern countries ( Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark), thanks to the quality of life and the efficient system assuring the wellness of their citizens; Spain, offering new business occasions thanks to the economic recovery; Italy, chosen especially for its culture, art and regional food and wine specialities. But today Bleisure is focused above all on intercontinental trips, which means places where you won’t return soon. The particularly appreciated destinations are the USA, Japan, China and Canada, while Thailand is chosen for an opposite kind of bleisure: you leave on holiday but keep an eye out for business opportunities in an economically growing country.

Bleisure is the new life and work philosophy, based on the desire of fun, indipendence and mobility. Thanks to the remote working, it allows to keep in touch with the headquarter without loosing the occasion  to widen you horizons and elevate your life and career.

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